“The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, and he rent him as he would have rent a kid” (Judg 14:6).

Once Samson was confronted by a young lion.The roaring lion we may be facing is possibly a lion-like person, problem or situation, but let us be of good cheer, for, as Caleb said about the giant-like people they saw in the land of Canaan, “they are BREAD for us… THE LORD IS WITH US” (Num 14:9).

God was with Samson and he was able to kill the lion, as if it had been a kid. When God is with us, the lion that we are facing is nothing but a kid. However, if God is not with us, even a kid can be as terrifying as a lion. A lion rose against David when he was young, but he slew it. In this modern world, young people face lion-like temptations in their flesh, but often, instead of conquering them, they are conquered by them.

Samson’s victory in his first trial greatly strengthened his faith. “Each victory will help you some other win,’ sang one man of God. Our great trials are intended to greatly strengthen our faith and make us great in the sight of God. Trials are sent, not to pull us down, but to raise us up to a higher pedestal for the glory of God.

Dear reader, let us overcome the lion-like person, problem or situation in our life through the anointing of the Holy Spirit that is in us. Let us not forget that the Lord is with us.

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Stay Blessed 😊