Who can heal you

Lamentations 2: 13. Your ruin is spread wide as the sea. Who can heal you?

Here Jeremiah laments about the ruins of Jerusalem by Babylonians. He was prophecysing for 40 years against the evils, lsraelites were doing . But the people were not obeying and instead they became enemies to Jeremiah. Inspite of their hatredness, and their unbelief to his words, Jeremiah had the love of Christ to lament for their ruins.

  1. Your ruin is spread wide as the sea. No one can measure the length and width of the sea. In the same way lsrael and lsraelites were ruined.
  2. He is lamenting who can heal you ?

That means , her wounds are that much wide or deep or big .
Today do we lament about our wounds? Jesus died for our wounds to be healed. He was wounded for our transgressions. When we obey His words, He will heal us. His word of God will heal us.

Also like Jeremiah, who was lamenting for the destroyed city and the temple of Jerusalem, let us also lament and pray for the broken, destroyed temples, who are the perishing souls. May God give us the burden to lament and pray for these souls. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.