Detestable things leads to vomiting

If you defile the land ( Canaan ) , it will VOMIT you out as it VOMITED out the nations that were before you” v 28 is a very powerful word / warning to the Israelites.

📌 Chapter 18 of Leviticus begins with an instruction to the Israelites not to follow the practices of the nations surrounding them (v 1-3) :

📝 They were not to live in the ways of the Egyptians ( Past )
📝 They are not to live like the Canaanites( Future )
📝 They are to abide with the Lord ( Present )

🌈 The God of the Past , the God of the Present and the God of the Future knew that the Israelites would face temptation to live according to the beliefs and practices of the people of the land. In today’s passage the Lord was reminding his people about their past failure, exposing the sinfulness ( Unlawful Sexual Relationship) of the people living in the land , and giving them assurance and warning :

~ The phrase , ” I am the Lord occurs 42 times in chapters 18-26 , and is repeated six times in this passage (v 2,4,5,6,22,30). He repeatedly warned them not to defile themselves .

~ Chapter 18 begins with the phrase , “I am the Lord your God and ends with the same phrase I am the Lord your God which means that the Lord dwells amongst them .

✅ Six times Israel is warned not to follow the example of pagans ( v 3,24,26-27,30)
✅ A number of DONTs are given . Certain terms are important to ponder upon : Dishonour(v 8) ; Wickedness(v 17); Detestable(v 22,26,29) & Perversion(v 23). All these acts are unlawful in God’s presence.
✅ The Canaanites were doing all these detestable things ( v 6-23 ) before the Israelites came in. The land was defiled. The Lord punished the Canaanites for these sins and the land vomited out its inhabitants ( v 25 , 28 )

📌 Vomiting is a terrible experience caused by indigestion and some health disorders.
VOMITING OUT symbolises judgement / punishment .

🌈 Jesus said , “I will spit ( VOMIT ) you out of my mouth because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold “. Rev 3:16

Watch out 👀 ARE YOU LUKEWARM ⁉

📝 “The Lord commanded the fish , and it VOMITED Jonah onto dry land..” The Lord did it because Jonah repented and prayed. Jonah was given a second chance. But you and I may not get a second chance.. let us not do the detestable things.. or else we will be VOMITED OUT ☺

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏽 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳