Fear your God, I am the Lord

Leviticus 19:32 You shall rise before the gray headed and honour the presence of an old man and fear your God, l am the Lord.

This was the advise given by God, to the congregation of lsrael. We say that we fear for God. If so do we rise before the gray headed? Do we honour the presence of an old man? Let us search ourselves.

Today we are forgetting to obey this verse. We fail to honour the gray headed or old people. What is the reason? Because we are not knowing the value or the hidden knowledge of the old people. We feel that they don’t know any thing or they are useless. Job 12 : 12 says, wisdom is with agedmen and with length of days, understanding.

  1. When an oldman comes to our house do we rise and welcome him? Or we are engaged in mobile phone? Or seeing T. V?
  2. When we travel in a bus or train, when an old man comes, do we rise up to give our seat?
  3. Do we help an old man who is crossing the road with difficulty?
  4. When an old man carries a heavy bag on our way, we can help him by carrying his bag
  5. Do we honour our old parents? We make so many calls to our friends with out reason or just to enquire. But today God is telling to the children who can’t find time to enquire about their old parents, even once a day that fear your God, l am the Lord.
  6. If we honour our old parents, the old age homes will not be full.
  7. Often people who does the great ministry of God too, fail to honour gray headed old people. You can visit old people who are alone in the houses feeling loneliness, or to the old age home or hospitals or even talk to them through the phone, If you say one verse, l will fear no evil, for you are with me ( Psalm 23 : 4 ) they will be so happy and you can prepare them for the Kingdom of God.
  8. We can observe the life of old people and from their experience we can learn humbleness, patience, love, kindness, wisdom, prayer life, tolerance etc.
  9. Here God is telling, l am the Lord. That means, if you don’t obey to honour the oldmen, remember, you will be judged.
  10. It is not enough for us to obey to honour oldmen, we should teach this good work to children, friends and to all others, whoever possible. Yes, we are created in this world to do goodworks. Ephysians 2 : 10. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.