Turning to spirits of the dead and familiar spirits

In Leviticus 20, once again God is stressing on those sins which are related to following the idol Molech, vs 2-5. This is with regard to various sexual abominations that were practised by the nations who lived in the land that Israel was going to possess.

Turning to spirits of the dead and familiar spirits, as well as, cursing father and mother were also included in this list, vs 6,9. The priests, and particularly the High priest, were expected to keep themselves free from all forms of defilement, with regard to their grooming, marriage and their nearness to dead relatives etc. because they are the ones who presented the LORD’s gifts and the food of their God, Leviticus 21:6, and so, even physical flaws was something that would disqualify them from serving the Lord, though they were permitted to eat the most holy and holy food of their God, vs 21,22,23. Of course, today we know that all these things have spiritual significance and refer to our inner purity and sanctification, even as we serve as priests to our God for our own selves first and then for those whom God has given us responsibility over.

*The priests were not to offer any offering unto the Lord without first cleansing themselves, Leviticus 22:3. Presenting any kind of flawed or defective offerings unto the Lord was strictly prohibited, vs 20-25. Thanksgiving offerings were to be eaten immediately signifying that we should not postpone offering thanks unto the Lord even to the next day, vs 29,30, or else it would not be accepted! The various feasts to be celebrated included the weekly Sabbath, the feast of unleavened bread or the Passover, the feast of Harvest or presenting of the first fruits, the feast of the Ingathering or Pentecost or Festival of Weeks, the feast of trumpets, the day of Atonement, the festival of booths or temporary shelters or tabernacles, Leviticus 23. All these feasts show us very clearly how eager God is to meet with us during every step of our journey here on earth.

For as we acknowledge Him in all our ways He will surely direct our paths. However, without holiness no one can see the Lord, and we can be made holy by the blood of Jesus, the sinless lamb of God, only as we pursue peace with God and all men too, Hebrews 12:14.
Let us be eager to do so, for nothing can compare living in God’s presence 24×7, which will enable us to enjoy His presence, protection, provision and power in every stormy situation of life!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India