God reveals Himself differently to different people

Ezekiel: 8
While He does not show favoritism, He does interact with people in radically different ways. To some He is bold, commanding, and even authoritative. Yet to others He is gentle, concerned, and even timid. Depending on what God wants to convey, He exposes different aspects of His personality. To Ezekiel, who was a priest, God was extremely commanding. This reveals how much Ezekiel acknowledged the supreme authority of God; he did not complain or seem frightened when God exercised His divine authority.

Reflect on your relationship with God. How does He interact with you?
How much of Himself does He reveal to you?
Do you notice when He is trying to show you something?
Are you comfortable with His divine authority to the point that it does not bother you when He suddenly plucks you up to take you where He wants you to be? We should all strive to be like Ezekiel and John who were willing to receive God in their lives and were accepting of the radical changes brought about by their new interaction with God.

Divine forces and human agents is retribution Ezekiel 10:2
There are in the economy of God, terrific forces for the destruction of evil. The whirling globe of fire was but a symbol of the manifold elements that, through processes of pain, and it may be throes of agony, have punished and will punish sin. And very often those elements are just those that have been guiltily used by man. It was true of these Jews โ€œthat they had abused fire to maintain their gluttony, for fulness of bread was one of their sins; they burned incense to idols, and abused the altar fire which had been the greatest refreshing to their souls, and now even this fire kindled upon them.โ€ Thus, indeed, is it clearly taught in the prediction of Christ, โ€œThey that take the sword shall perish by the sword,โ€ that the implements of our evil become the engines of our punishment. And such engines have terrific force.

๐Ÿ’ซTo avoid sin ourselves.
๐Ÿ’ซTo believe in the final victory of goodness.

The great forces provided against evil will often be used by the instrumentality of man. A manโ€™s hand was to scatter these coals of retribution. Thus it commonly is. As man is the tempter, so is man frequently the punisher of man. Chaldean armies are instruments of Divine righteousness. Human judges are often the swords of God: human revolutionists the vindicators of liberty against despots. It is for this hand sometimes to scatter the fires of retribution; but ever to scatter the fires of purification.
The consuming of the sin–sin in thought, sin in feeling, sin in habit, rather than retribution, on the sinner, may perhaps be the higher and better teaching of this vision for all of us.

God told Ezekiel that when he obeyed the voice of the Lord that Ezekiel would then know that God was truly the Lord. Learning from Ezekiel that obedience clarifies our vision of who God is capable of being in one ordinary person’s life.

Obedience to God’s voice also sets into motion the timing of God’s plans for an individual’s life. When I choose to obey the personal message God has spoken to me, God will move heaven and Earth to set His plan into action!

The message of the Lord to Ezekiel was the message of the Lord to me, “None of my words will be prolonged anymore, but the word I have spoken shall be done, says the Lord God” (Ezek. 12:28

My heart cries out, “Yes! Amen!” to the words that God spoke to Ezekiel almost 3 millennia ago. I deeply desire for the plans and purposes of God to hit the assigned mark in my life. I am done with delays and disappointments. The time is now for God’s promises to come to pass in this ordinary girl’s life! The word that God has spoken to me will be performed! The appointed time is now!

โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฅMrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ’ฅโœ๏ธ

Take to Heart

๐Ÿ”นIdols Of The Heart – God revealed to Ezekiel the extent to which the people had accepted idolatry and wickedness. Idolatry is still a danger to the people of God. Idols are usually hard to detect, because they set up their home in the hidden places of our heart. If I want to know my idols, I need to consider my strongest thoughts, for what I think about most of the time may be an idol. My treasure, trust, possession or person I put my hope, any goal or aspiration that becomes more important to me than Godโ€”these are the โ€œgodsโ€ that attract and control my life. Only God can satisfy the deepest needs of our heart and make us truly alive. Truth is: An idol is anything that takes the place of God.

๐Ÿ”นDelayed Consequences – As a child, I learned to behave properly when adults rewarded my behavior. When I became an adult, however, life got more complex, and the consequences for my actions were not always immediate. When I behaved badly without getting in trouble for it, I began to think that it did not matter to God what I did. Something similar happened to the children of Israel. When God delays discipline, it is not due to indifference; it is due to His very nature. He is gracious and slow to anger. Some see that as permission to sin, but God intends it to be an invitation to repent.

Truth is: The only way to make things right is to admit you have been wrong.

All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.
Br. John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,