Don’t allow Satan to steal the word that is sown in your heart

Jesus used simple illustrations to reveal the profound truth of the Word of God in the parable of the sower. He made one thing very clear, there is an enemy who will come to steal, kill and destroy the word that is sown, John 10:10. So it is up to us whether we want to see a harvest in our lives.

Why is the enemy after God’s Word?

He doesn’t want anyone to believe and be saved!, Luke 8:12b.

Where does Satan steal the seed from?

From the “Hearts” of the ones who received the Word!, Luke 12a.

🌱Notice, that Satan didn’t steal the seed from the farmer’s hands or seed basket. In other words, Satan is not interested in our closed Bible!

In Marks Gospel, Satan comes immediately, soon after they hear to steal the word.

Which word did Satan steal?

The word that was sown in them, Mark 4:15

🌱So, why is Satan in such a hurry to steal the Word that was sown in the hearts?

Matthew’s Gospel gives the answer

🌱The evil one snatches away the seed that was sown in the hearts of the people who heard the kingdom messages, because he doesn’t want them to understand, Matthew 13:19.

🌱Now, put all the scriptures from the three Gospels together and let’s understand the reason why Satan is hell bent that we don’t understand the word and be unfruitful and unproductive….

🌱Satan comes IMMEDIATELY to STEAL the Word related to the Kingdom of God, that is SOWN in the HEARTS of the people who heard the message, so that, they don’t UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE the Word for their SALVATION.

🌱Ask yourself these questions over and over until you understand that Satan is not after you, he is after the word sown IN you.

🌱How can they be saved if they don’t hear? If they don’t hear how can they believe? How can they believe if they don’t understand? Romans 10:14. How can they understand if the word is stolen from before it can take root?

🌱Jesus goes on to say, consider what you hear which is the content, Mark4:24, and consider how you hear, which is the heart attitude, Luke 8:14, are the two keys to being hundred fold fruitful listening to the Word of God.

🌱Child of God, Remember this, this Lockdown Season God wants us to bear much fruit to bring glory to His Name, John 15:2. We can’t bear fruit without the seed of God’s Word. What have we been planting in the soil of our hearts in this lockdown? What we have planted will bear fruit when we come out. What we sow is what we reap, Galatians 6:7. Let us guard the seed sown in hearts from being stolen by Satan with the continually watering the seed of God’s Word with the constant studying of God’s Word with the power of the Holy Spirit… Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with you…⛓️