God will make sure you are not missing in His mission

If God could preserve His servants in the days of Jehu, surely God can preserve them in this Pandemic?…..2Kings 10:23.

⚔️Now more than ever I have to keep my eyes on the Lord and in His Word because I am in the thick of the Covid 19 fear and panic as it is near the neighborhood. So I have a choice, either be sucked into fear or be sucked into faith. While this monstrous tiny invisible virus is wreaking havoc, I just have to be relentless in the Word to build up my faith, because faith comes by hearing the Word

⚔️Today’s reading about Jehu, the King of Israel to who brought an end to the Baal worship, is a word in season, 2 Kings 10:23, where he gives instructions to the ministers of Baal, Then Jehu and Jehonadab son of Rekab went to the temple of Baal. Jehu said to the servants of Baal, “Make sure there are no servants of the Lord here with you; there must be only servants of Baal.”

⚔️Jehu outsmarted the ministers of Baal by deception, which is the devil’s favorite tool, was used to beat the devil at his own game. The only way to make sure that the true worshippers don’t get killed, Jehu asked the Baal ministers to throw out the non- Baal worshippers. This caused so much excitement for the Baal worshippers who according to the king’s request was preparing a huge sacrifice for Baal. For them this was bigger and better than what Ahab did. Jehu gave the impression that Ahab did not serve Baal much, it was too little, 2Kings 10:18. Jehu wanted not one Baal minister missing so he told them to make sure none was missing out on this lavish Baal sacrifice, 2Kings10:19

⚔️Jehu got them all in one place to slaughter them making sure that none of the Baal ministers were missing and all the true worshippers absent! Jehu made everything look like was for Baal worship, 1Kings 10:20. He got them dressed to be killed. Jehu looked so much like a Baal worshipper in order to do a total job but it was incomplete, as he failed to destroy the foundation of the idol worship which Jeroboam, set up as a precedent, 2Kings 10:29

⚔️Child of God, Remember this, wherever you are and whatever you are going through in this pandemic situation, be encouraged, God will make sure you are not missing in His mission. He knows how to gather you up and not put you in harms way. But, you got to be faithful to the last. The virus can only attack a weak immune system. We got build a strong spiritual immune system to resist the plans of satan. Jehu did what was right but not completely. He had a half way obedience.

⚔️We are called to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. Jehu destroyed the state sponsored Baal worship by demolishing, the Baal temple buit by Ahab for his wife Jezebel, 1Kings16:32, by making it a refuse dump. Jeroboam began with false representations of the true God, the golden calves described in 1 Kings 12:25-33. The successive kings of Israel continued his idolatry and Jehu had the opportunity to get rid the golden calves, 2 Kings 10:29. However, because of what he did well, God allowed his family to sit on the throne for four generations, 2Kings 10:30. But, disappointing to see that he continued with Jeroboam’s sins, 2Kings10:31.

⚔️In this Lockdown, let us be more focused on doing God’s will and He knows how to perserve us to fulfill His will. We can’t hate one sin and love another. Jehu only did what was profitable for him to get the throne and keep it for his family. Fear of the Lord did not reign in his heart. Let us fear the Lord and He will keep us from the fear of the Covid19… Amen🙏

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