Leaders are stewards of the resources they have been given

Jesus’ story of an unrighteous manager teaches us lessons about shrewd business and a few subtle truths about leadership. Serving God is not to be used for personal benefit. It is about giving, not getting. We the children of God lose the right to be selfish. Those who are called to serve cannot hide his or her heart. Those who lead rises or falls to the level of the leader’s integrity.

Leaders are vulnerable. Was proactive in facing problems, and aren’t afraid to face reality. In Luke 16:4 Understood the value of relationships, utilized the relationships he had already developed. He received a return on his investment. Understood the nature of his influence. Since leadership is influence. Leaders know with whom they have influence and they go there. In verse 5–7, he found ways to make friends and get results. Reminds of the value of godly leadership in the end, his master praised his shrewdness, but Jesus has a deeper lesson for us.(Luke16:1-13).

The rich young ruler fails the test. When a rich young man approached Jesus to ask about ETERNAL life, the Lord gave him a radical imperative: Sell all you possess and give it to the poor, then come and follow Me.

Jesus didn’t say this to everyone. In fact, He said it only to His disciples. He knew this man needed the challenge, even though he refused to accept it. Only greed held him back from freedom. Even though he claimed to obey all the commands, he miserably failed at the first one:”You shall have no other Gods before Me”(Ex.20:3).

Jesus went straight to the central issue, preventing him from making a commitment he desperately needed to make. The man walked away, full of sadness. He clung to what he had instead of committing to what he could obtain. (Luke. 18:18–23).

Jesus knew influence had a ripple effect.During his time with Jesus, Zacchaeus pledged to give half of his possessions to the poor and to repay those he had defrauded four times what he had taken. Immediately afterwards, Jesus declared that good stewards will be rewarded. God rewards good stewardship, multiplying the influence of godly leaders.

Jesus told a story about a landowner who gave three men some funds to spend save, or invest. Each did as he saw fit, and when the owner returned, he rewarded them according to how wisely they used their resources. Those who multiplied what had been entrusted to them recieved even more to use. The one who failed had even his little money taken away.

Our Lord reminds us to remember that Leaders are stewards of the resources they have been given. Those resources may include people, budget, time, wisdom, and talents. When leaders brokers those resources well, God rewards them and gives them even more to invest. When they fail, they lose what little they have.

This is a sobering truth, but one that leaders would do well to remember. Do you want more resources? If so, what are you doing with what you already have? (Luke. 19: 11–26).

Let us carefully utilise the talents, gifts, potential, and the God-given resources be used in God-pleasing way. So that He will give us more to utilise for the purpose of God’s Kingdom.