The parables of Luke 15

Simple thoughts for💫
deeper meditation

Luke : 15: 20

” But while he was still along
way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms
around him and kissed him “

The parables of Luke 15

deal with recovering what was lost. In verses 3-7 the
search is for a lost sheep, in
verses 8-10 a lost coin in
verses 11 – 24, a lost son.
Each time the emphasis is
on the sense of urgency of the one who is searching.
And each part ends with
rejoicing over finding what was lost to show there will be rejoicing in heaven over
” a sinner who repents”
( Vs: 7,10,32 )
⚡ The son did not deserve
such a reception. When he had asked his father for his
share of the inheritance and left home, it was as if he had
wished his father dead. But
despite all that the son had
done to his father, he was still his son. ( V:24 )
⚡ When the son met his
father, he said ” Father I have
sinned against heaven and
against you.” He intended to
add, ” Make me like one of
your servants”, but before he
could get all the words out of his mouth his father
interrupted him. In essence, he said, ” Let’s us go have
dinner” (Luke 15: 17- 24 )
⚡ Although each of the
parables is about something
lost, there is also something
in each that’s not lost-
the sleep safe in the pen, the
remaining coins, and the
elder son at home. Yet the
shepherd, the woman, and
the father are not content with what they have, their
concern is for that which is

The story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 is our story and God’s.

⚡ Jesus told it on
behalf of all sinners who so
desperately need to come home to their Creator and
discover the warmth of a
loving relationship with Him.
🔥 We all are guilty, yet our
heavenly Father reaches out
to welcome us just as the
father in this story embraced
his wayward son. The son
did not deserve such a reception. But in His amazing grace, the father
accepted him as son again.
The Lord still rejoices over those who return to Him today.

Dr. Thomas David.🎯