The Authority Questioned?

By what authority are you doing these things?” they asked. “And who gave you authority to do this?” (Mark 11: 27,28)

The chief priests, the teachers of the law and the elders came to Jesus and questioned His authority.

Jesus gives them an answer that shuts their mouth.

People were jealous of the authority Jesus exhibited. The authority Jesus had was beyond human comprehension, no human knowledgecould decode it as it was from above.

The experts in the law, the teachers of the law, the ministers of the law, the priests, the high priests were put to shame with His knowledge.

Lord Jesus was working on the hearts of the people without breaking the law, and by breaking their rituals, which these people used to teach those days.

In these last days, God is going to use nameless, faceless people, people without no background like the way Jesus was used. Jesus was born to a no body, grew up like a nobody in the sight of the people.

When the anointing of the Lord came upon HIM, people were jealous of HIS anointing. They questioned Him, called Him names, reported Him to the leaders and elders to shut His mouth.

Nothing could shake Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus carried on what HE was called to do. Lord Jesus fulfilled His calling without being distracted

However, Lord Jesus said this about the one,

There are jealous people all around us.

People were jealous of Daniel, had him put in Lion’s den. Daniel’s God was exalted, but the trouble makers, their wives and their children were eaten live by Lion’s.

The men and their wives and children were thrown into the lions’ den. The lions grabbed them before they hit the floor. The lions ate their bodies and then chewed on their bones.(Daniel 6)

The High priest was the one who prophesied and confirmed that a man needs to die that year. It didn’t stop Lord Jesus’ ministry. In fact it helped the Lord to be glorified on the Cross of Calvary

Apostle John was sent to the island of Patmos, thinking it would Christianity. However, God used the same situation to use him mightily by allowing him to visit heaven, gave him heavenly encounters and made him write the book of Revelation, the book we all hold on to.

Satan tried to hinder Paul’s ministry by putting him in prison. Paul wrote most of writings in the prison

No matter who questions our authority, our anointing will not leave us, as long as we are in God’s perfect will. Let us run our race with our eyes on Lord Jesus. We are not people pleasers.

Let all the arrows push us to our next level of authority, our next level of anointing in God

Who can curse whom the Lord has blessed. Our God blesses those who bless us and curses those who curse us.(Gen 12:3)

Let us serve the Lord with reverential fear. Let us submit such people to the Lord and be led by the Spirit. Distractions come, however, God takes care of the vipers.

Remember that we are the apple of God’s eye. Can anyone dare to touch God’s eye?

Let us thank God for the authority Lord Jesus has given us in His name. Let us walk in victory with Jesus by our side.

God Bless You

✍ Sis.Anita Thumma

Don’t question the authority