Jesus entrusted great commission of taking the Gospel to the Nations

Mathew 28

On the first day of the week, two women went to visit the tomb where Jesus’ body was laid, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, vs 1.

They wasted no time to go there immediately after the Sabbath was completed. This showed passion on their part, which attracted angelic visitation, as well as, the Lord Himself, who manifested Himself to them! However, none of the other disciples showed as much zeal as the women did! Nevertheless, it seemed that the zeal and passion that Mary Magdalene exhibited to see the body of Jesus, surpassed them all! She went to anoint a dead body, but ended up encountering the risen Lord!

They saw the angel who rolled the stone away, and sat on it, vs 2,3, and although the guards witnessed this too, and became as dead men on account of fear, yet the angel spoke words of comfort and encouragement and direction only to the women, vs 4-6! On account of their passion, they also received a word of instruction to give to the disciples too, vs 7. So, it is possible for women, who are more bold and passionate than men, in the things of God, to be given a Word from the Lord to give to the men! They did as they were told, and were filled with both fear and joy at the things they had just experienced, vs 8!

On their visit to the tomb, they also eventually met Jesus Himself, who was more than happy to reveal Himself to them, and gave them words of comfort and instruction, vs 9,10. The guards, who had also seen the angel and experienced the earthquake, told the chief priests everything that had happened, vs 11. At this point, on being offered money, they chose to spread false rumours instead of the actual happenings, and thus many Jews till date have believed in these rumour and have been led astray as a result, vs 11-15!

On meeting with Jesus, as per the msg given to the disciples by the women, some worshipped Him, while others doubted, vs 16,17. Nevertheless, Jesus entrusted them with the great commission of taking the Gospel to the Nations, so as to make disciples, on baptizing them in the Name of the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, vs 19, while teaching them to obey all that was commanded by Him, and being assured that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Jesus, vs 18, and remembering that He was with them always, even to the end of the age, vs 20!

These incidents reveal that revelation of the resurrected Christ is given to those who are passionate about seeking Him, irrespective of their gender, because they seek Him no matter what the cost or inconvenience may be, for they are truly grateful for what He has done for them and how their lives have changed as a result! On the other hand, those who have no desire to love the truth about their sin and turn from it, will be easily bought by money or power etc. to spread lies and believe lies as well! Further, it is only those who are truly disciples of Jesus, who will know the authority of the Lord, and walk in it, being conscious of God’s presence, and who can and will obey the great commission given by Jesus and make other genuine disciples, by baptizing them and teaching them to obey all God’s commandments!

May we partake of a similar passion that Mary exhibited and become a blessing to God’s people, as well as become a powerful instruments in God’s hands to take the Gospel to the Nations too in His way, in His time and by His grace and for His glory!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.