Why Is God So Concerned About Nineveh?

Here is a prophecy about Nineveh, again. A prophecy that they are going to be destroyed.

It is only two days since we concluded our discussion with a great impression about Nineveh. Immediately on hearing Jonah’s prophecy that they would be doomed after 40 days, the king of Nineveh along with the entire population repented, fasted and prayed and saved themselves from God’s punishment. And as such Nineveh remained in our minds as a perfect example for others to follow.

What happened since then?
The present prophecy of Nahum takes place after almost a century since Jonah’s episode. During these hundred years Nineveh forgot God. Moreover….

  1. The city of Nineveh which was one of the most prosperous and beautiful places became a city of bloodshed.
  2. It was full of lies and robbery.
  3. Prostitution was widely prevalent
  4. Sorcery was a common practice.

Thus, Nineveh became synonym for murder, robbery, prostitution and sorcery.

How could God tolerate it any more? So, Nahum was sent to warn them. While Nineveh listened to Jonah, it is not clear whether they lent their ears to Nahum. And the result; God’s punishment was meted out without much delay. Babylon conquered Assyria along with its capital Nineveh.( BC 612)

Here is a genuine question. Why was God so concerned and angry with Nineveh which was after all a foreign city, an arch enemy of His own people Israel?

Nineveh knew God once. Thereafter they forgot Him. They became perpetrators of heinous crimes and horrible sins. And that is the reason.

Committing sin after knowing God once, will attract much harsher punishment than sin committed by one who never knew God.

This is a warning for all generations.

George Joseph Trivandrum

Ninevites, I am against You
Nahum 2:13; 3:5

🗣️ Nahum prophesied during Assyria’s golden age, when the accumulated wealth of Nineveh, it’s capital city, was beyond counting.

🌈 The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob declares twice “I AM AGAINST YOU, O NINEVITES” (2:13; 3:5). It is a terrible thing to have God as our enemy.

🎯 The Assyrians had grown rich from their brutal conquest – seizing the spoils of war and exacting annual tributes from conquered nations like Israel as well as from their profitable trading and merchantile industries (3:16). The Bible affirms the GOODNESS OF WEALTH and WEALTH CREATION (Deut 8:18), but it condemns those who acquire more for the sake of more, oblivious to the needs of others.

🗣️ Nahum speaks out some specific sins that the people of Nineveh have committed (3:1-4)
📌 Nineveh – a city of blood
📌 Nineveh – full of lies
📌 Nineveh – full of plunder
📌 Nineveh with a wanton lust of prostitution, sorceries and witchcraft.

🗣️ Nahum announced GOD’S COMING JUDGEMENT on the city of Nineveh (whose people had repented once under Jonah’s preaching only a century before but HAD RESUMED THEIR OLD WAYS) :
1️⃣ Nineveh’s dynasty will not continue. (1:14a)
2️⃣ Their temple will be destroyed (1:14b)
3️⃣ They will lack royal tomb (1:14c)
4️⃣ The city will be invaded by their enemy (2: 7)
5️⃣ The city will be plundered (2:9-10)
6️⃣ Their powerful army and chariots will be destroyed (2:13)
7️⃣ The merchants will take their wealth back and fly away (3:16)
8️⃣ The city and the people will be devoured by FIRE and SWORD 🔥⚔️ (3:15)

🗣️ Nahum announced GOOD NEWS:
🎀 Although Assyria is so powerful, it will be overthrown (1:12a, 13)
🎀 Although Judah is suffering, its suffering will end (1:12b, 15).
🎀 The people of Judah will be restored and united again (2:2)

🗣️ Nahum tells the people of Judah that a messenger is coming and bringing the good news that “NINEVEH HAS FALLEN” (1:15).

💞 Beloved Church,
✅ God did not judge Nineveh for being involved in business; He judged them for its idolatrous pursuit of wealth.
✅ We are secured “when God is for us who can be against us” but we are no where “when He is against us”.
✅ God’s dealing with Nineveh and Judah shows His sovereignty over all the earth. He is just and righteous, and cannot allow sin to flourish unchecked.
✅ We must ultimately rely on God to free us from the shackles of sin and transform our situation.

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏽 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳