God is in control Esther

God is in control Esther 6;10-13
While everything appeared bleek to Mordecai and Esther, God was working out a plan not only to exalt his faithful servants but also to punish the evil conspirator, Haman.

Haman was very proud because he had been invited to Esther’s banquet. He went home and boasted. But he said all this doesnot satisfy me as long as I see this Mordecai not bowing down to me 5:13

So Haman and his wife were planning evil and building gallows the whole night and Mordecai was sleeping. There was no need for him to remain awake. God was awake and working to protect him.

That night the king could not sleep.6:1 Because God kept him awake.When people are plotting against us, God works on our behalf to protect us from them Mordecai was fast asleep.and didnot know a 75 foot gallows was being made that night to hang him the next morning..

Because king could not sleep, history books were read.They came to the story of how Mordecai had saved a kings life 5 years ago. So the king planned to honour Mordecai as he was unrewarded. Gid wants 5 years to bring this event to light at the just the right time,one step toward Haman’s downfall. Modecai is honoured.

Haman went to Esther’s banquet again that night.Esther exposed Haman’s plan to the king. Haman fell down before Esther and begged for mercy. He who wanted the Jews to kneel before him, now kneels down before a Jew. Then Haman is led out to be hanged in the gallows prepared by him for Mordecai..

He who digs a pit for others will fall into it himself Prov 26:27
The righteous is delivered from trouble and the wicked takes his place Prov 11:8

Cynthia Sathiaraj