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Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament, is a dramatic example of God’s example of God’s response to anyone who would harm his children. Edom was a mountainous nation, occupying the region south east of the Dead Sea including Petra, the spectacular city discovered by archaeologists a few decades ago. Obadiah gave God’s message to Edom. The book begins with the announcement that disaster was coming to Edom(1-9). Despite their “impregnable” cliffs and mountains, they would not be able to escape God’s judgement. Obadiah then gave the reasons for their destruction (20-14)— their blatant arrogance toward God and their persecution of God’s children. The concise prophecy ends with a description of the “ day of the Lord”, when judgement will fall on all who have harmed God’s people (15-21).

Today, God’s Holy nation is his church —all who have trusted Christ for their salvation and have given their lives to him. These men and women are God’s born again and adopted children.

3: Edom was Judah’s southern neighbour, sharing a common boundary. But neighbors are not always friends, and Edom liked nothing about Judah. Edom’s capital at this time was Sela, a city considered impregnable because it was cut into rock cliffs and set in a canyon that could be entered only through a narrow gap. What Edom perceived as its strengths would be its downfall: (1) safety in their city(3,4)—God would send them plummeting from the heights, (2) pride in their self-sufficiency (4)—God would humble them;(3) wealth(5 ,6)—thieves would steal all they had;(4)aliens (7)—God would cause them to turn against Edom;(5) wisdom(8,9)—the wise would be destroyed.

15: Why will God’s judgement fall on all the nations? Edom was not the only nation to rejoice at Judah’s fall. All nations and individuals will be judged for the way they have treated God’s people. Some nations today treat God’s people favourably, while others are hostile toward them. God will judge all people according to the way they treat others, especially believers( Rev.20:13,13). Jesus talked about this in Matt.25:31-46).
Clara Radhakrishna


Obadiah Questions and Answers

Q. When was the Book of Obadiah written?
A. Either 840 or 586 B.C.

Q. What sets Obadiah apart from the rest of the Bible?
A. It is the shortest book of the Bible.

Q. What does it cover?
A. The continuing dispute between Jacob/Israel and Esau.
👉Herod descended from Esau.

Q. Did Obadiah see a vision? A. Obadiah 1 = Yes.

Q. Who did this vision concern?
A. Obadiah 1 = Edom.

Q. Who are the people of Edom?
A. Esau, Jacob’s twin brother.

Q. What was Edom’s problem?
A. Obadiah1: 2-4 = Judgment was coming!

Q. What happens to folks who are esteemed for their wisdom and understanding apart from God?
A. Obadiah1: 8 = They get judged with all the rest of godless people.

Q. Why judgement on Edom?
A. Obadiah 1:10 = Edom did violence to Jacob/Israel, his own brother.

Q. How?
A. Obadiah 1:11 = Edom didn’t help Israel when his enemies came.

Q. What’s wrong with minding my own business? A. Obadiah1: 11 = It is the same as making oneself an enemy and doing physical harm.

👉 Are you lacking concern for your brother in trouble? Ask God to pour compassion on you so that you can show it to your brother. Let God show you if and when to help.

Q. When my brother is under the rod of discipline, he is an easy target. Is this the time to back off and watch my words?
A. Obadiah1: 11-12 = Yes. Otherwise, you will find yourself gloating at his expense.
👉Gloating is so easy to do! When you find yourself gloating on an easy target, decide to pray, speak blessings on him instead. “Do not be overcome by evil, but let evil be overcome by good.”

Q. What did Edom do to Israel when they were being defeated by their enemies? A. Obadiah1: 13-14 =
1) Edom plundered Israel
2) looted their homes
3) made themselves rich at Israel’s expense
4) killed those fleeing from their enemies
5) captured Israelites and handed them over to their enemies.

Q. What will Edom’s judgment be like?
A. Obadiah1: 15 = The same they did for Israel will happen to them.

Q. God spared Israel and will always spare her. Will God leave a remnant of Esau too?
A. Obadiah 1:16 = No. Esau will drink and stagger and disappear from history, as though they never existed.

Q. Who will destroy Esau/Edom?
A. Obadiah1: 18 = Jacob/Israel will destroy his twin brother Esau/Edom.

Q. What will become of the land of Edom?
A. Obadiah1: 19 = God’s people will be spread all over it.

Q. Who does Obadiah mention as the places occupied by Edom?
A. Obadiah 1:19 =
1) Philistines (Goliath)
2) Ephraim
3) Samaria
4) Gilead (Benjamin would occupy it)
5) Phoenicia (Israelite exiles)
6) Zarepheth (will live here)

Q. When this happens, what will also occur?
A. Obadiah1: 21 = The Lord Himself will be King in Zion.
👉This remains future prophecy yet to be fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom.

✍️💐Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 💐✍️

Obadiah 3


The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; you who say in your heart, ‘Who will bring me down to the ground?’

Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament.
Obadiah’s name, meaning “worshipper of Yahweh.

The theme of Obadiah is to show that God judges Edom for its pride and for the harm Edom caused to God’s people.

Who are the Edomites? They are the descendants of Esau, the twin brother of Jacob.

Obadiah was a prophet from Judah who spoke of God’s judgment against the nation of Edom because of their pride.

Here we see that God warned them of their sin: “The pride of your heart has deceived you.”

Edom relied only on their importance, instead of asking for God’s help

Pride was the sin that started in Lucifer’s heart, was passed on to Adam and Eve in the garden, and still continues down through individuals and nations to this day.

If we listen to ourselves instead of God, our heart will deceive us.

So how do we deal with pride?
We fix our eyes on Christ.

Jooley Mathew Z