Man And Beast

“..O Lord, You preserve man and beast”.(36:6)

This Psalm begins with a reference to wicked men. But exactly half way through, the reference turns to beasts . What could be the reason? Is there any connection between the wicked and the beast? (animal lovers will pounce on me if I say there is one.)

We can find two perspectives in David’s observation that God preserves man and beast.

1.The reference to beast comes immediately after mentioning the righteousness and the judgment of God. God permits both the just s well as the one who has no sense of justice, like a beast, to live in this world. But His judgment will come on everybody, without exception.

“Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep”.(36:6) As God is just, nobody can escape his judgment.

  1. God preserves Nature. David reminds us that just as God preserves human beings , he takes care of the mountains and valleys and all the living creatures therein. God enlightens man on the importance of preserving Nature. God has entrusted with man the responsibility of preserving the birds and the beasts, flora and fauna and the streams in the jungle.

Only when man and Nature are preserved equally, will balance be maintained on earth. Only if balance is maintained, will the earth exist as God desired.

Therefore, a few thoughts for our daily meditation:

-God permits the wicked and the righteous, just and the unjust, the rational and the irrational to exist in the world. But God will judge them without partiality. Nobody will be spared.

-Man has the responsibility to take care of Nature as desired by God. It is a divine responsibility cast upon all those who believe in God. We will be judged on this count also. The present pandemic is a God-given opportunity for us to turn to Nature.

George Joseph Trivandrum