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🔸Our Way and God’s Way – Solomon wrote Psalm 127 out of his own bitter experience. He had at last discovered the uselessness of going his own way. My way is the path of human wisdom and self-reliance. It leads to powerlessness and emptiness.

God’s way involves trusting Him, obeying Him, and depending on Him. It leads to satisfaction and joy, in part on earth but fully in heaven. Each day let’s choose to live God’s way.

Truth is: God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

🔸Waiting with expectation – The writer of Psalm 130 expressed a kind of waiting. He had been in the pit of despair over the guilt of his sins and he had prayed and gained assurance of forgiveness. When I am hurting or in distress over my sin, I can look up and wait with expectation. The Lord will come! Whether through a promise directly from His Word, the wise counsel from a friend, or the quiet witness of the Holy Spirit, He will meet my need—as certainly as morning light always breaks through the darkness of night.

Truth is: Those who wait on the Lord will never be disappointed.
All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

Br .John Rajan/Admin.
GCO. Shanthi Samuel, Chennai.

Three gits of God

Psalm 130

❇️ Psalmist mentions three important gifts that are with God.

They are
▪️ Forgiveness(v4)
▪️ Unfailing love(v7)
▪️ Redemption(v7)

❇️ I find these three gifts lead one to the other and hence they are complimentary. Since God’s love is unfailing love he is able to forgive all our sins that leads to our redemption .

❇️ Each of these three gifts of God result in three desirable things.

▪️God forgives hence we fear him (v4)
▪️God’s unfailing love makes us put our hope in him (v7)
▪️God redeems us from all our sins (v8)

❇️ We fear God because he forgives us. Nobody else can forgive us which absolves us of all our sins completely other than God. Mark 2:7 says only God can forgive sins as he is vested with the power and as well earned the right to forgive by his sacrifice on the cross.

❇️ Secondly since God’s love is unfailing love we can put our hope confidently in him to redeem us.

❇️ Thirdly his redemption is total since it saves us from all types of sins. Ps.51:1-3 & Rom.6:13 together mention three types of sin that we commit.


❇️ Insights learnt:
▪️We need to fear God since he forgives us.
▪️We put our hope in our Lord due to his unfailing love.
▪️Lord redeems us completely from all types of sins.

Dr. E. Christadoss
Vellore 🙏🏽