The foolishness of trusting and boasting in wealth

Psalm 49

Psalm 49 was written by the sons of Korah after recognising their fathers greed for wealth as the root of his downfall,(Numbers 16) and to teach that the purpose of one’s life on earth is to enhance his or her spiritual development and prepare for the world to come.

He trusts in his wealth. 49:6
He boasts in his great riches. 49:6
He names his lands in his name. 49:11
He builds richly mansions. 49:14
He increases the splendor of his house. 49:16
He counts himself blessed when he lives. 49:18
He doesn’t endure despite his riches. 49:12
He is like the beast that perish. 49:12,20.
He will take nothing with him when he dies. 49:17.
He will not take his splendor when he dies. 49:17
He will leave his wealth to others. 49:10
He will join the generation of his father’s who will never see the light of life. 49:19
He will decay in the grave far away from his princely mansions. 49:14
His tomb will remain his house forever. 49:11
He will dwell in his tomb for endless generations. 49:11

Are we people who are running after the riches of this world? What gives us satisfaction in life?

How much wealth or riches did we earn so far in our life? How much is our savings in the world to come?

Are we increasing our wealth in this world or in the world to come?