Introduction to Song of Songs

Introduction – In ancient Israel every thing human came to expression on words. In the Song of Songs it is LOVE that finds words — inspired words that disclose its chain and beauty as one of God’s choicest gifts. The voice of Love in this song is a women’s voice. She portrays its beauty and delights. God intends that such love be a normal part of marital life in his good creation. It’s a gift of God to man. This song is her experience of love both as the one who loves, and the one who is loved.

Chapter 1 – The expressions of love are more delightful than wine. The very mention of the lover’s name fills the air with pleasant aroma. She compares her body to a vineyard which yields wine , and the excitements of love are compared to those produced by wine. The lover is portrayed as a shepherd and the beloved as the shepherdess. Her beauty attracts attention the way a mare among the Egyptian horses. She was beautiful and her lover was handsome.

Chapter 2 – The beloved is compared to the Rose of Sharon and the Lilly of the valleys. The lover is compared to a stately apple tree. His love for her is displayed like a large military banner. The beloved says that her love is not to be artificially stimulated. For its genuine truth and beauty should be spontaneous. She compares her lover to a stag which is celebrated for its form, beauty and strength. The first signs of spring appears a very suitable time for love. They belong to each other exclusively.

Chapter 3 – A new moment in love’s experience. Its the night with its freedom from distractions of the day, allows the heart to be filled with thoughts of love. This section portrays the wedding procession of Solomon and his bride in a richly adorned royal conveyance. Solomon was wearing a wedding wreath.

Chapter 4 – In this portion is seen a great description of the beloved’s beauty. The beautiful eyes, the black hair, shining teeth, lips like scarlet ribbon, temples like the pomegranate, her like a tower, tender and delicate beauty. All the features of the beloved delight the lover. She belongs to him and she yields herself to her lover.

Chapter 5 – The lover claims the beloved as his garden and enjoys all her delights. Love holds away even in sleep. The friends wanted to know how her lover was better than the others. She said he was ruddy with black hair, sparkling eyes, his arms were rods of gold, his body like ivory and his legs like pillars of marble. He was awesome and majestic and his speech was loving.

Chapter 6 – The beloved is delighted with her lover’s intimacy with her and with their loving relationship. The lover enjoying intimacies with the beloved is compared to a graceful stag nibbling from lilly to lilly in undisturbed enjoyment. The beloved yields herself to her lover. The beloved’s noble beauty evoked the emotion of her lover. The beloved was flawless and uniquely loved.

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keeping the flame alive
Song of Solomon 1:6

Priority – Practice
Companionship -spend time with each other 1:7,3:1_5
Compliment -Shower each other with sincere praise
Passion -Give attention to your relationship 1:12_13,2:6,4:10_16
Affection -Physically demonstrates your love for one another ,1:2
Honor -Speak high of your spouse to others. 2:8_17,5:10_16

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