Deep down in our pores that we still fail at loving God

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is Bindu Saji and currently working in Dubai. Born and brought up in a Christian family – we followed all that normal Christians would do. Pray, read the bible, go to church regularly, attend Sunday school, but we all know, deep down in our pores, that we can do all these things and still fail at loving God and our neighbors. I spent most of my prime completely detached and clueless.

What we hunger, perceive and pray for will be brought to you!! This is so very true in my life. God worked and is working in amazing ways in my life. Nothing changed or happened overnight but gradually everything was being placed like a jigsaw puzzle. When we dedicate our time and energy for HIS glory, we can see things unfold in our lives.

I started my journey with 180 days Bible reading as a spectator, 210 days as an admin for a group, 240 days – occasionally writing insights and now in 270 days a lot more regularly. I never plan in advance what is to be written but when I sit on my computer, everything seems to be served on a platter. God ensures that I get the time to write within my full time employment of 9 hours. Only the introduction to the books is done in advance. Although mine is a compilation, I trust God will give me the spiritual wisdom to write my own insights if it HIS will.

All praise and glory to God who never ceases to provide and who provides in amazing ways.

May God bless each one of you in this journey in ways beyond our comprehension.

Bindu Saji – Dubai

Little people matter

Spiders are there in folktales from Africa to Greece. These little people have fascinated man from the dawn of time. Although they were unclean (Lev 11:41-43), Agur was fascinated by them too.

Agur describes 4 little, wise people in Pro 30:24-28; ants, rock badgers, locusts and spiders.

I wouldn’t spend time observing spiders, however wise they are. I belong to the species that chases spiders away. In fact, one insists on spinning a web between the spokes of my December star, in spite of my best efforts to discourage it. It makes me annoyed.

It is amusing that a job allowed on the Sabbath, was cleaning webs and swatting irritating spiders!!

Hebrew legend says that a spider spun a web across the entrance to a cave in which David had hid from Saul’s men. It helped a depressed king on the run.

Wise, helpful or irritating, the spider proves that little people are crucial in God’s universe.

God has placed little people everywhere; ordinary places and lavish palaces. We are there for a purpose. Let us identify our purpose and start weaving. Whatever others think of us, we must keep weaving until the Lord returns.

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert