I was faltering and many depressive circumstances in my life stopped

I joined for the first time for the 210 BRP but was unable to read the Bible portions but would read the insights. When Sister Princess Hudson started asking for group admins for the 240 days BRP, my heart would be stirred and was afraid to take up the commitment.

Day after day I would see sisters message and was literally pushed by the Holy Spirit to write to sister telling her that I would spread the word around. Instead she made me a group admin.

I wrote to all my contacts and 60 people joined. Later she added 10 more groups to me.

I received my first Bible as a gift from my uncle from Kerala when I was 8 years old. Ever since I have been reading the Bible. Those days Bible reading was not much in vogue but God enabled me to hold onto reading the Bible. By God’s grace I read the whole Bible several times ever since.

However after the 270 BRP started, I was faltering and many depressive circumstances in my life stopped me from reading continously.

It was on February 27th of this year I told myself that I will spend half an hour reading the Bible everyday. I had stopped at Jeremiah some time back and today I have reached Leviticus.

I thought I will continue till this 270 BRP end and continue afresh from May 15th.

Some years ago severe anxiety and depression and treatment for it kept me indoors. I was scared of stepping out of the house. Earlier I was interceding and praying for many people when this illness put a full stop to my spiritual life.

Later as I slowly renewed my relationship with God, I told God “I don’t think I can step outside my home and do anything for You, so please use me from within the four walls of my house”

God answered my prayers and I would email Bible passages (forwards I was receiving) with reflections each day to my contacts.

Later came WhatsApp and God has faithfully been using me today to send His Word.

As I share this, I realize God reminding me to take up the responsibility of the Mega coordinator and be obedient to His call.

I have long been in slumber Achen feeling I cannot do this. However God’s Spirit is strengthening me to put those negative thoughts aside, to trust in His ways completely and not to lean onto my understanding and so Achen with God’s grace and strength I will take up this responsibility as El Shaddai the Mighty God will direct my steps.

Thanking you Achen for your patience towards me, for encouraging and supporting me. I will get in touch with my contacts and encourage many to become group admins so that many groups can be formed.

I have prayed asking God if He could give me 1000 people. All glory, honor and praise to Him alone. Thank you once again Achen for leading me to do God’s will