My Testimony from Sis. Deola Onayade

Want to say a very big thank you to this Platform, it had been great nd glorious to my spiritual life.

It’s like WAO!! makes the Bible very interesting to read and understand.
It makes me watch, pray and caution my ways, it increases the Holy Spirit actions in my life. I bless God, my testimony is reading, understanding the Holy Bible to the bearest minimum way and enjoying each time and try to put it in practices. Indeed I am blessed.

Thanks to the Coordinator, other writers and all that are supporting this Program, God bless you all greater Grace and mercies of God…your labour in the things of God will not be in vain, in Jesus name: Amen

Sis. Deola Onayade
Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬
Group #7330


🌴Dearest Jesus My Lord and Master. I thank you for taking care of me and my family by guiding and lifting me and my family when I was really down with worries, anxiety, stress and pain. I did not know what to do.

🌴It was the Word of God that gave me solace and set me free from hurt and desire for vindication.

🌴I would like to thank Rev Abraham from the depths of my heart and Sister Shabana for helping me understand the word of God.

🌴I would like to thank all those who have really taken a lot of pain to chalk out this 270 Bible Study Programme.

🌴All Glory And Praises To Our Loving God Amen.

🌴A Big God Bless to this Wonderful Team

Marita Borikar, Mumbai


I am the wife of late pastor SA George, Full Gospel Church in India, Bangalore. I am currently in the United States staying with my sister. I’ve read the scripture many times.

I did miss reading the Word some times due to my health reason. Regina, my daughter in Christ, introduced me to the scripture reading program and encouraged me to read the Bible in the year 2019 Nov to June 2020.

The Lord helped me to read and meditate on His Word without missing a single day! Praise God! I was so much blessed.

Then again the Lord helped me to join in the next program which started in July 15, 2020, and continued to read the Word and meditate on it and He helped me to share some insight and revelation that the Lord gave me. Praise be to His Holy Name!!

Through this reading program God helped me to go deeper into His Word. As I was reading He revealed so many hidden things to me and it made me so happy and I’m rejoicing in the Lord!!

My special thanks to Regina who introduced me to this Bible reading program and encouraged me. I pray God will bless her and use her in His vineyard. I thank Rev C V Abraham for taking this program to the whole world. So many are reading God’s Word through this program and are blessed. I thank and praise God for this man of God and may God bless him his family and the ministry he’s doing.

All glory, honor and praises to our Lord and Savior the soon coming King!!!
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