My Testimony is I come from Hindu background

When you send this daily Bible reading, I really feel inspired and automatically I think myself as a student and then completing it as a task.

My Testimony is I come from Hindu background. Like others we were also in mess and we were in our teens as we are three siblings.
Then we got to know about JESUS from her.

I was 18 years when I accepted Jesus. But after so many years also I can sit in Prayers, can do prayers but somehow was not able to read BIBLE. Though I tried many times, had a word with priests and prayed as well.Lord heard my prayers and I started reading BIBLE,though first started, I was not understanding anything and feeling bored at the same time.

But after that automatically my boring nature went off and I was very much regular in Bible reading. And I got a desire from inside and I said Lord let there be some Online Bible classes in this lockdown and also help me to manage everything.

To my great surprise one day I got a link from one of my friend from this group whom I am thankful and immediately it striked me that this is from my Lords side.

Eventually the first day of Bible reading was difficult for me as I was frightened that I will be able to do and immediately I ask Holy spirit to help me. I clearly heard the prompting that don’t take any tension,just read the Bible and don’t force yourself to understand everything.

THANKS to Holy Spirit and Holy Trinity,from that day I am continuously reading it and some days if I missed also I don’t take myself into dejection mode but try to cover up the previous chapters.

And my whole family accepted Jesus Christ as our God and our personal Saviour.

Reema Passanha from India.