Characteristics of a Godly person Psalm.15

This is a Psalm of David .V 1 is a question.
“LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live in your holy hill?” V.2 -5 a is the answer. the conclusion.

  1. His walk is blameless ( honest life)
  2. He does what is righteous(righteous living)
  3. He speak the truth from his heart.(truthful speaking) Psa.15:2.
  4. No slander on his tounge.(never destroy the reputation of others)
  5. He does no wrong to his neighbour (does only right to others).Psa.15:3.
  6. He caste no slur on his fellowmen.(care for the reputation of others)
  7. He despises a vile man.( Hate wickedness and wicked people).
  8. He honour those who fear the Lord.( Honouring God’s people.)Psa.15:4.
  9. He keeps his oath even when it hurts.(keeps promise at any cost) 15:4.
  10. He lends his money without usery. (lends money to needy without interest)
    11.He does not accept a bribe.(stands for justice and never accept bribe).Psa.15:5a.

The person who does these things will never be shaken. Psa.15:5b.

A person who knew God properly should have the above Godly qualities.

My public life should reflect my inner(spiritual)life.

Electricity will produce light in a bulb, which will remove darkness in a room

Jesus will transform our life. 2 Cor.5:17. We can be a Christian / new creation by inviting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. This will help us to lead a Godly life.

Am I a Godly person/worldly person?
How is my actions, words , attitudes and relationships?
Am I hating wicked people and honouring God’s people?
Am I generous?Will I allow God to use my money to help needy people?