God will never force us as we seek eternal gains over earthly ones

Inspite of Ahab’s compromising ways, God gave him victory over the Syrian army, not once but twice, since the glory of the Lord’s Name and power was being looked down upon by the Syrians, 1 Kings 20:13-28.

However, king Ahab, foolishly used human judgment and permitted the king of Syria to go free instead of putting him to death as per God’s desire vs 31-34! As a result, the prophet told him that he would have to pay for the same with his life and his people, vs 42! Human reasoning, that goes against God’s laws, when followed, will always result in spiritual death!

We cannot give excuses and make an alliance with the lusts of our flesh in disobedience to God’s Word, no matter what the temptation or provocation may be. For if we do so, the wages it will pay us back will always be death! The operation of the Jezebel spirit can clearly be seen from the incident concerning Naboth’s vineyard, 1 Kings 21. When the wishes of a person operating by such a spirit are not satisfied, they use their authority to manipulate facts and spread lies and false rumours concerning their victim, vs 7-14. And since Naboth’s vineyard could only be acquired by killing him, they went so far as to murder him too!

It can also be seen how the nobles and others involved succumb to the Jezebel spirit and join hands in murdering this innocent man, perhaps because they feared losing their own life and position too! How far would we be willing to go in order to ensure that our inheritance in Christ is preserved? Will we be willing to trade with our life and reputation in order to preserve the same? This is a crucial question that we need to answer, because each of us may be tested very soon on this count, incase we have not faced such a situation as yet.

It is only as we, by God’s grace, remain faithful in the little tests that come our way, can we be assured of grace to overcome the bigger tests too! Although Naboth suffered brutally, yet he passed the test for he chose to fear the One who was able to send him to hell after his death, more than he feared those who could only kill his body!

Although, king Ahab repented on hearing God’s judgment that was to come upon him on account of what was done to Naboth, yet, that didn’t prevent him from being deceived by the false prophecies of victory given to him concerning going to battle with the people of Ramoth Gilead, 1 Kings 22! His compromising lifestyle caused him to disbelieve the true prophecy given by Micaiah and this eventually led to his death, vs 8-35!

This goes to prove that lukewarmness and half-heartedness practiced on part of a Christian, in order to get the best of both worlds, will eventually lead to one reaping what one has sowed, for, God will never be mocked!

If we stand for the truth because we seek to live godly in Christ Jesus, we will assuredly be persecuted, 2 Timothy 3:12. Let us face this fact and come to terms with it as soon as possible, for although we will temporarily suffer the loss of the whole world, we will gain the salvation of our souls, and that will be the most important thing that will matter throughout eternity!

It is for us to decide whether we choose to be like Elijah, Naboth and Micaiah, and be willing to suffer as they did, or else, live like a compromiser as Ahab did, and pay for the same throughout eternity! God will never force us, however, as we seek eternal gains over earthly ones, He will supply us with the grace and power needed to stand firm until the end.

May we choose rightly and wisely. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.