Lord is sure to fulfill all the promises he made to is provided we faithfully obey

Obedience to God’s laws brings blessing and peace and prosperity as can be seen in 1 Kings 8. As Solomon obeyed God’s call and built the temple, and put in the necessary articles, we see the glory of God appearing therein, vs 10,11. This temple is a picture of our hearts and the Church of the Living God too.

As we build it in accordance with God’s Word, His glory will surely appear there too! So, if we find that our lives and His Church is not filled with His glory, which is His nature and power, then we need to search out the reason for the same.

We must not be willing to settle for anything less than His best!
We also see that no matter what problems we may face in life, be it false accusations, drought, famine, war with our enemies etc. we can be assured that as we turn to God in repentance and faith, our problems can surely be resolved, vs 30-50.

The Lord is sure to fulfill all the promises he made to is provided we faithfully obey all that He has commanded us, vs 56.

God warned Solomon in no uncertain terms, that as long as he obeyed, God would continue fulfilling His promises given to His father David and David’s descendants would always have their children sitting on the throne, 1 Kings 9: 4,5.

But if not, they would be removed from the land and God would abandon this temple, and Israel would be mocked and ridiculed among all the nations, vs 6-9!

Solomon used the several non Israelis, (that the Israelites were unable to wipe out completely), as his work crews to help in the building works he engaged in, while the Israelites served as his soldiers, attendants, officers, charioteers, and commanders of his chariot forces, vs 20-23.

Similarly, as we faithfully put the lusts in our flesh to death, the temple of God in our lives will be built up and become ready to house and radiate the glory of God to all those who come in touch with us!

The Queen of Sheba on hearing about Solomon’s great wisdom made a trip to visit him, 1 Kings 10, only to find that his wisdom and wealth surpassed what was reported to her, vs 1-7. King Solomon was wealthier and wiser than any of the kings of the earth.

Everyone in the world wanted to visit Solomon to see him display his God-given wisdom, vs 23,24!

Thus we can see that as we walk in obedience to God, God’s glory will be manifested in and through our lives in such a manner that our presence will become a blessing to those around us, as well as, those who come in touch with us, will experience God’s blessing and glory that is radiated through our lives which will make them desire to know and follow our God too!

Had King Solomon continued to walk in the fear of God until the end of his life, God’s blessings upon Israel would have attracted the Nations of the world to want to know and follow the God of Israel too!

Let us endeavour to be His witnesses by our obedient lifestyles, so that as we lift Jesus up, He will draw men who come in touch with us unto Himself, just as He promised! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.