The Corona Lockdown is our Cave of Adullam for Training for Reigning

The Corona Lockdown is our Cave of Adullam for Training for Reigning… 1 Samuel 22:1-2

🏃Many of us can identify with David and his men trapped in the Cave of Adullam during this Lockdown. He had men who were in distress, in debt, and discontented, the D-Team. We can identify with these men in our lockdown. The Corona virus has brought untold, distress, debt, discontentment, disease, depression and disaster. Are we ready to team up with these kind of people who come to us for help and lead them out of their situation victoriously in Christ Jesus?

🏃Every Christian Home, Church, Organization and Community is an Adullam’s Cave! When people who need help and direction come to us, we should accommodate those in distress, in debt, depressed and discontented. It’s time to use our time and talent in the Cave of Adullam, where God’s people are, even if it isn’t perfect, let God build an army right in the midst of our Adullam Lockdown to bring Glory to His name..

🏃David a fugitive leader with the D-Team, did not have a pity party with those who were desperate. David who was on the run being the most wanted man on Saul’s hit list, used the cave of Adullam as his operational base. It is bad enough to have one depressed person to discourage anyone but David had 400 of them. An unlikely army but they went on to be the best commandos of Israel elite army. They were known as David’s Mighty Warriors a a few of them became his special task force.

🏃David’s operational base was the Cave of Adullam, and in Hebrew it means “refuge”. David’s men increased from 400 to 600, 1Samuel 23:13. Why did these men join David and why did David accommodate them?

🏃These men wanted freedom from depression and oppression. Their lives were in bondage. They were under King Saul who lost his vision. Saul’s life’s mission was to capture David and kill him. The country’s economy was used to mobilize the army to capture one man who was anointed to be the King!. Chasing one man at the expense of the whole country. A typical example of misplaced priorities and wastage of human and military resources and finance.

🏃The men looked to David for leadership. They wanted to fight for the same cause as David. They recognized his anointing and hooked up with his vision. They wanted to be somebody and not a useless nobody. They did give up or commit suicide, they valued their lives and wanted to make a difference.

🏃The cave became their training ground, they also got protection in the cave. It is here that God was going to turn the “Are nots” and the “Have nots” into an Army. God was going to turn the Misfits into Warriors. Each Man Had a Choice to Make. It was a choice to lay down the past. Unless we let go of our past, we can’t take hold of our future.

🏃The men had a choice to make, they could keep on running from the enemy for the rest of their lives or they could take their stand in the Cave of Adullam with David and men just like themselves, and move forward with their lives.

🏃Child of God, Remember this, this is not the time to retreat. No turning back but turning to God with the issues you are battling with. When people come to your Lockdown Cave of Adullam, turn it into a fellowship victory camp. The ones in debt who joined David who had nothing, but God as his provider. They had to trust God completely for their provision and he gave plenty through the spoils of war later on, 1Samuel 30:20

🏃God was teaching David on how to lead a Nation through his leadership to the 400 men. Not only Adullam was the training ground for the men but also for David. Training for Reigning began in the Cave of Adullam. Our Lockdown Adullam can become a training ground for the next generation.

🏃The men came to David to find a future and a hope and cause worth fighting for. They had destiny together.The discontent were so satisfied. The debtors became wealthy, the distressed had a worship leader to lift their spirits. The went in the cave as losers and came out winners.

🏃When we find ourselves trapped in a cave, remember that it is the training ground for the King in You. We are kings and priests for the Lord. Caves and lockdowns will bring out the royalty in us….Amen 🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌
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