A leader with integrity

Prophet Samuel led Israel as Judge for 40 years. After confirming Saul as King, he called all Israelites to Gilgal. He was giving his farewell speech in the presence of Saul. (1 Samuel.12)

Hear I stand; Testify against me in the presence of the Lord and his anointed. (1 Sam.12:3)

He is asking few questions.

  1. Whose ox have I taken?
  2. Whose donkey have I taken?
  3. Whom have I cheated?
  4. Whom have I oppressed?
  5. From whose hand have I accepted a bribe? (1.Sam.12:3.)

The reply which Israelites gave to Samuel. “You have not cheated or oppressed us” they replied.”You have not taken anything from anyone’s hand” (1 Sam.12:4)

Samuel’s purpose was to declare his innocence from any blame and to provide an example for Saul in his new responsibility as King. He wanted to affirm the fact that he had not exploited the people of God. He had not become rich by doing spiritual service. He had never oppressed a person with his position of authority. He had never taken a bribe. He never misused temple offerings. He never spent anything for his luxuries.

It is good to have a clear conscience before God and people and a life without regrets. Samuel had lived a holy and exemplary life before the people.

How is our conscience before God and people?

What could be the answer of people around us, if we ask those questions to them?