But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God 1Sam 30:6

When the Philistines army mobilized at Aphek to fight against Saul, David and his men were sent back to Ziklag. When he arrived, David found that the Amalekites had attacked the families of his people and taken their families captive.

David’s men held him responsible for the tragic raid.His previous assaults on the Amalekites 27:8 must surely have incited their wrath and a desire for vengenance. Because David and his men left Ziklag, Ziklag was unprotected and defenceless against the bandits.

When his men in bitterness plotted assasination, David in brokenness cried out to the lord .Ps 25:16-17. Turn to me and be gracious to me for I am loney and afflicted The troubles of my heart have multiplied. Free me from my anguish David set an example for us to follow when our friends/ relatives turn against us.

David sought the Lord and the Lord told him to pursue after the Amalekites and assured him that he would recover everything.

David didnot know in which direction to go to find the Amalekites. It is wonderful to see how God led him to them. David and his men saw an Egyptian lying in the desert in a coma, half dead. They cared for him and gave him something to eat and drink.when he revived, they discovered that he had been forsaken by the Amalekites in the desert because he was sick.30:11-13. He was the one who led David to the Amalekites. This teaches us how God rewards us when we are kind to strangers.

Thus David found and defeated the Amalekites. David recovered all that had been stolen by the Amalekites. vs 18 -20.

We are also reminded of Job who regained everything that was lost. Jesus recovered all that satan had stolen from us.

Cynthia Sathiaraj