Encourage yourself in the Lord

When we are faced with so much discouragement in this Lockdown what do we do? Do what David did, Encourage yourself in the Lord… 1 Samuel 30:6

🏹For the last seven months the World is waiting for some Encouraging news but it is getting more discouraging than ever. Everyday everyone is looking for an answer for the Corona Virus, and now, even the much awaited vaccine has been delayed. In the midst of all the discouragement, we can do what David did when he was discouraged and devastated with a situation he faced. David encouraged himself in the Lord, 1Samuel 30:6. How much more should we be encouraged by the Risen Lord, because He lives we can face tomorrow

🏹In today’s passage from 1Samuel 30:1-31, we can take comfort that God’s Character has not changed, He is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, Hebrew 13:8, but His Strategies changes with each challenges. God, who was with David is now in us, through faith in Christ Jesus. We are overcomers, more than conquerors and are His triumphant trophies in Christ Jesus, Romans 8:37, 2Corinthians 2:14

🏹In other words, in this lockdown, we face our discouraging, distressing and depressing situations as victors and not as victims. We encourage ourselves in Lord because He has gone ahead of us in our battles and struggles, Judges 4:14. We have suddenly discovered that our safety and security are not so safe or secure in this pandemic situation

🏹This is what David discovered one day. Everything he thought was safe just vanished. His family, his possessions and his men’s families and possessions. His safe haven was invaded, raided and ransacked. Lock stock and barrel just disappeared. This happened when David was away with his men fighting for King Achish, 60 miles away, when the Amalekites attacked his place and looted the place and captured the women and children

🏹Everyone’s heart including the victorious warriors, had been ripped open with raw emotion as they realized that everyone and everything they had worked for, loved and was dear to them had vanished. All that was left was a pile of ashes and truck load of pain. A normal day turned out to be a tragic day with loss, and uncomfortable weeping, bitterness and anger. The men turned against David. The men wanted to kill David by stoning him to death, 1 Samuel 28:4-6

🏹This Covid 19 Pandemic has brought untold sufferings for the world, church and community. Unbelievable and unbearable pain, loss, grief, with uncomfortable and uncontrollable weeping. A friend of mine invested a huge amount money for an online shopping outlet. Overnight she went bankrupt with no business because of the lockdown, and now landed with a huge loan to pay, has become disabled through a fall recently, and unable to work and unable to pay mortgage. She didn’t see the lockdown coming. What was suppose to bring in a huge profit has plunged her into bankruptcy. This is only one story of an unexpected pain, discouragement and desperation.

🏹What was David’s response when the men who were deeply distress expressed their own feelings?

He encouraged himself in the Lord, his God, 1 Samuel 28:6

🏹What a wonderful example to learn from David, when he found himself in a very discouraging situation, instead of blaming anyone, he took time to encourage himself in the Lord. Often when we find ourselves in similar situation, where for no fault of ours, we are misunderstood and people in our own team are ready to stone us after we have put in so much of work as a team leader, we are tempted to justify or argue our way out or resign from our position

🏹Dear Child of God, Remember this, when we are faced with utter gloom and despair, there is only one way to go and that is the way back to God. This lockdown has brought me more than ever on my knees to God. I can’t let painful memories get in the way of what God is doing. So many discouraging things are going on around me, but it a time to encourage myself in the Lord.

🏹We got to make a personal decision to go back to God. We got to repent and submit to His plan and purpose. We can never sink so low, where the Grace of God is not sufficient to bring us back. The only reason He allows us to get into despair is to know that we have a God who restores all things, just like he did for David and his men, 1 Samuel 28:18. Our God is a God of Restoration. Trust the process He is taking you in this lockdown. Satan’s best selling weapon is discouragement, disarm him by encouraging yourself in the Lord, WHO is holding you and your future…Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You