Impatience leads to terrible mistakes

1 Samuel 13:13 “And Samuel said to Saul, you have done foolishly. You have not kept the command of the Lord your God, with which he commanded you.”

The story of Saul is a frustrating one.

Saul did so well at the beginning.
He was humble; he was responsible; he relied on God’s Spirit; he was a good leader.

And sadly, everything had changed.

In 1Samuel 13, we read as, while facing an overwhelming enemy, Saul felt it necessary to offer a sacrifice to God because Samuel didn’t come fast enough.

Saul makes a decision.
He chooses to not wait for Samuel—as instructed—and instead offers the burnt and fellowship offerings himself

Once Samuel arrived, he told Saul that this impatience and disobedience had cost him the Kingdom.

What is Impatience mean?
………… Intolerance of anything that delays, or hinders
Saul saw the absence of Samuel as hindrance to the battle.

He had the right idea.


Impatience leads to terrible mistakes..

Many times in our own lives we face problems and situations where we may overstep and do things our way because God doesn’t seem to intervene fast enough.

When this happens we are getting ahead of the plan God has for us.

While things might be seemingly slipping out of our hands, trust that they are firmly in the Lord’s hands.

Next time we find ourselves in a moment of trial, let’s not be like Saul…….
Let’s take a minute, breathe, and focus on the Lord.
Let’s remember His past promises and actions, and wait.
Throughout the word, God proves that His plans and timing are always perfect.

When we are patient, the plans God has proposed for us, will be brought to perfection.

Jooley Mathew Z