World is facing a giant Goliath out of control

Praise the Lord!!

1 SAMUEL 17:47 “……………..For the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you into your hands”. Today the world is facing a giant Goliath and situation seems out of control. We feel as we are in deep sea and dominated by storm.

During the times of trouble we forget that we have JESUS OUR LORD, who rebukes and controls the storm as written in Mark 4: 39-40. Our God will deliver our enemies into our hands as the young David controlled and killed the giant Goliath.

The life of David shows us that how an ordinary boy can do extra ordinary things and became the King because the Lord was with him. Will we be able to slay the giants of our lives like David? The giants like disease, fear, failure, doubt and despair don’t allow us to trust our Lord fully.

So my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we too have the five stones like David the stones of faith, trust, prayer, obedience and submission to kill the Goliath. Our God will fight the battle for us.
May our good God protect us from the enemies we are facing. 🙏🏼