You cannot go to the promise without the process

The promise comes with a process *You cannot go to the promise without the process *Saul hunted for David and David hunted for God* Saul became weak and lost the kingdom, but David became strong and got the kingdom.

But truly as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, there is but a step between me and death.

1 Samuel 20:3
We serve a God who is the beginning and the end, and He knows the end from the beginning, He had seen David as the future king of Israel, so He asked Samuel to anoint him as king. The above scripture portion is the confession of David to his friend Jonathan, the reason is Saul is after the life of David and he is running for his life. The man who killed Goliath and the women who sang praises and danced about is now running for his own life.

If God has a plan to prosper, the devil also has a plan to destroy what God has planned. God had a plan for David, so He anointed him to be the future king of Israel, the devil knows it, so it is after the life of David, so that the plan of God doesn’t come to pass. The devil works where God works, where God wants to prosper, It wants to steal, kill and destroy, but it’s plan doesn’t last for a long time in the end only God’s plan and purpose prevails and comes to pass.

David never knew that he had to go through death like circumstances, he thought that it was a easy thing to become a king after killing Goliath and after the woman singing and dancing in praise of him he became the Hero of Israel, but suddenly everything changed and he is now running for his life, not for the kingdom, had he known that he had to face all these situations, he would have simply said No to the post of the king of Israel, he would have said that he is happy as a small shepherd boy. God was preparing David to be the future king of Israel. In the kingdom of God everything is free, but for walking with God, one has to pay the price that is why Jesus said if anyone wants to follow me you should take up your cross everyday (not only on Sunday) and follow Me.

The devils strategy is to wean us away from God, before we are born again everything will be good for us, but once we know, follow and walk with God passionately, we become a threat to the enemy and it will start troubling and tormenting us with problems. The devil is not after us, but it is after the promise that God has given to us, it is after to where we are going, our destiny. It wants to wean us away from God and to where He is taking us. The devil wants us to focus on the problems around us and leave God. The devil wanted to wean away David from God and wean him away from the plan and purpose of God, so it wanted to kill him, so that the plan and purpose of God doesn’t come to pass. In your problems don’t run away from God, instead run to Him, because He is the only answer to all your problems.

In Abraham’s case the devil knew that the promised child would come from Sarah, so Pharaoh took her away not once but twice. Abraham the father of faith knew that what God promises, He fulfills and God restored her back to him and she brought forth Isaac the promised child and the promise of God was fulfilled. The schemes of the devil didn’t work out, but God had His way and the promise came to pass. What God promises, He fulfills.

The promise always comes with a process and in this process time, God builds up our faith level, He introduces us to His word and He allows us to develop our spiritual muscles, so that we could take on giants in our walk with God. In this process time He will introduce us to His miracle working power, so that our faith level would increase and we would develop a deeper relationship with Him and know Him from different dimensions and move from level to level, victory to victory and from glory to glory.

The process time is good for us, because once we go through the process then we are ready to take on anything and everything that comes in our way. Saul never had the process time he directly became king, but he didn’t last for a long time, whereas David went through the process and he ruled and reigned over Israel for forty five years and after him even his descendants ruled over Israel.

Beloved if God has given you a promise and if you are in the process, Fear not what God promises He fulfills, He will be with you and bring the promise to come to pass in your life. Everyone who walked with God came out victorious. Your promise will come to pass and you will come out victorious. God will bless you and turn you to be a blessing to others.

For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

2 Corinthians 1:20.
Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.

Ephesians 3:20.
Heavenly Father thank You for the word, thank You for all the promises in store for us, give us the grace to wait patiently in the process because what You have started in our lives, You will finish it greatly, grandly and gloriously in Jesus name we ask and pray.
Amen and Amen.
God loves you

Alfred Joseph
Hyderabad Telangana India
[email protected].