If we go against God’s Counsel, we definitely cannot WIN

In this Lockdown, let us at least take time to learn one lesson, and that is, if we go against God’s Counsel, we definitely cannot WIN… 2Chronicles 25:16-17

🙌🏽It is 100 days since we are journeying through the Bible globally in this pandemic. We have another 170 days to go. If we are sitting on the fence with our spiritual life, we may have learnt many lessons in the past 100 days, in this extended lockdown, otherwise it will mean that, we will not be any different after the lockdown, because we are still trying to get the best of the both worlds, wanting both God and the world.

🙌🏽From 2Chronicles chapters 24-27, just see the type of burial the kings got, and that will give us a picture of what the people thought of their achievement. The kings wanted both,,God and the world

🙌🏽King Joash was buried him in the city of David, but they buried him not in the sepulchres of the kings, 2Chronicles 24:25. He was a good king who turned a bad boy! King Uzziah was a great king until his power turned into pride and wanted enter the sanctuary as an unauthorized person and was buried in a field, according to the leprosy infectious disease protocol, 2Chronicles 26:23.

🙌🏽Whenever we are tempted to alter the truth found in the Word of God, just because we are in a lockdown and told to live with the new norm, so that, we can bring an alternative truth, we need to remember that, God Is God, and We Are Not. God was consistently faithful in His love for the kings even when they went astray in their own ways, because of the Covenant He made with David, that there will always be a decendant on the throne of David, 1Chronicle 17:27

🙌🏽King Amaziah went against the the counsel of God’s prophet in 2Chronicles 25:16-17, because he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly, 2Chronicles 25:2. God sees our heart more than our performance. We can do the right thing with a wrong motive. Amaziah did not want to hear the counsel of God, because it meant dealing with his sin. Half Heartedness means rejecting God’s Word in favour of men’s counsel.

🙌🏽Over my kitchen sink I have written out Proverbs 21:30, which says, “There is no wisdom and no understanding and no counsel against the Lord.” If God has given us an assignment, no one can come against. On the other hand, if we disobey, God will use the wrong human counsel we got, to accomplish His sovereign judgments, just like what happened to Amaziah, 2Chronicles 25:22-24.

🙌🏽Dear Child of God, Remember this, satan does not need half of our heart. He just needs one little unsurrendered area to have access to ruin us for the rest of our lives. If we surrender everything to Jesus and don’t make Him Lord in one area, that is enough for satan. Half- Heartedness means a little obedience when it is convenient for us. It also means we have our own agenda to fulfill and not God’s agenda. Half-Heartedness is a recipe for disaster!

🙌🏽If our faith in God and obedience to His Word is not from our heart but operating on human wisdom, then all our work for God will be wood, hay and stubble at the best, 1Corinthians 3:12-13. If the Lord is not in what we are doing, then even if it works, we are only building our own kingdom.

🙌🏽The subtle and strong foe, Satan, if he cannot defeat us directly, he will lure us in other ways. He looks for the cracks, and if he knows that our hearts are not wholeheartedly following the Lord, he will start scheming for spectacular failure. Don’t give him that opportunity, let us in this lockdown period, spend time to reset and align with the Word of God to serve Him wholeheartedly and be like the courageous prophets who knew life as it was meant to be lived, even though it cost their lives, 2Chroncles 24:22…Amen🙏

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