The good Lord pardon all those who set their hearts

Hello Good morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ. May the Lord bless you and bless his holy name. May u be strengthened today with the holy spirit to Pray Love and Praise the Lord with your actions and good works .

2Chro 30
2Chro 30: 17 For they were many in the assembly who had not sanctified themselves, therefore the Levites had to slaughter the Passover Lamb for everyone who was not clean, to sanctify them and make them holy again.

Now for us to be holy do we have to sacrifice the Passover Lamb, No well for us Christ died on the cross already and so he sacrificed once and for all himself for our sins. We are thus redeemed sinners.

2 Chro 30: 19 King Hezekiah prayed saying, “The good Lord pardon all those who set their hearts to seek the Lord

Similarly let us turn away from our wrong habits and ways. Let us set our hearts to seek the Lord. We too will surely feel loved cared n be filled with the holy spirit and have someone who will pray for us like King Hezekiah.

2 Chro 30: 20 The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayers and healed the people

Also as king Hezekiah prayed for his people, let us pray n believe that as we pray for our family members, friends, neighbours and all those who need our prayers the whole world too , the good lord will surely hear our prayers.

Jennie D’Souza
Mumbai India