Hidden Heroes and Heroines

🌹 Hidden Heroes and Heroines 🌹

There are so many sermons about the mother of Moses who hid her new born baby for three months. But we hardly hear any sermons about a small team that hid a baby prince for six long years. We read about this incident in the Bible in the eleventh chapter of Two Kings.

The hidden heroes and heroines involved in this are Jehoiada the priest, his wife Jehosheba and an unnamed nurse. Along with this inner circle few reliable commanders joined much later.

Athaliah, the queen mother usurped the throne on hearing the death of her son Ahaziah. She proceeded to destroy the entire royal clan. Jehosheba rose to the occasion and saved one year old Joash, her brother Ahaziah’s son.

Jehosheba hid one year old Joash and his nurse in one of the palace bedrooms. Then she managed to shift them to the temple and hid them there. Thus the only royal seed belonging to Davidic lineage was hidden in the temple for six years while a wicked queen mother reigned.

The sacrifice of the unnamed nurse is noteworthy. She risked and sacrificed her life to take care of little Joash. Perhaps she might have disappeared from public life and must have been considered to be missing or dead.

Jehoiada was the priest and the little boy Joash grew under his guidance and instructions. It would not have been easy to hide a small child from the wicked queen. But the small team worked unitedly and succeeded.

In the seventh year Jehoiada took to confidence few more officers. After they took an oath in the temple he showed them little Joash. The spears and shields of David were in the temple. Jehoiada gave them to the commanders and asked them to protect the king. And then he crowned Joash the king. Joash became king when he was seven years old and he reigned for forty years.

We hardly know or hear messages about Jehoiada, his wife Jehosheba and the nurse who raised Joash in secret for six years. It is not an easy task to hide a child for six years. It was involved great risks. Yet these people risked their lives and protected the royal clan who was to ascend the thrown.

Dear ones in Christ, keep doing the ministry God has entrusted in your hands faithfully. Ministry done in secret or in the limelight involves dedication, sacrifice and precious time. Irrespective of fame or criticisms keep going.

Remember we are working for our Father in Heaven. We are toiling for His kingdom. He who watches over us will repay us in the best way at the best time. We are in the list of hidden heroes and heroines of the Bible.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
October 6, 2020