Don’t allow rejections by our family or community to define us

Don’t allow rejections by our family or community to define us in this covid lockdown because we are the Redeemed of the Lord…2Samuel 6:16-23

💔On of the consequences of the Covid19 is the social stigma and rejection being experienced by many people in certain communities because of ignorance, fear and false beliefs. I know of people rejected by their own family members. Marriages and families are falling apart because of rejection. As I read about Michal for today’s insight, it brought home the truth that rejection can either make us bitter or better, fruitful or barren

💔Michal’s life took a downward path and she became a victim of rejection. Sometimes we are quick to blame her. But, any person in her situation if not guided by the Holy Spirit can find themselves in a place of Barreness, being a victim instead of being a victory in Christ Jesus

Michal is an unsung hero who is often misunderstood and gets a negative review because she despised David when he danced before the Ark.

💔She was David’s first wife. She loved David who was the hero of the day and made her love for him public,1 Samuel 18:20. She was so much in love that she risked her father’s wrath by helping him to escape, 1Samuel 19:11-17.

💔Michal was used as a pawn in the game her Father Saul played. He was using her affection for David, to locate his whereabouts. When Saul realized that David was playing hide and seek with him, Saul gives Michal to Paltiel, 1Samuel 25:44. She was literally ripped away from David. But, in 2 Samuel 3:15-16, David gets his wife back because she was still his legal wife

💔Michal, while waiting patiently to be united with the love of her life must have heard about David’s marriage with Abigail and Ahinoam, 1Samuel 25: 42-43. Her memory of David must have been fading as she was settling into her marriage with Paltiel, when David reclaims her, knowing that King Saul her father is Dead.

💔Used by her father, abandoned by her husband, packed off forcefully to be the wife of someone she didn’t want, would make anyone become a Bundle of Rejection! She would have been so wounded. If such wounds are not dealt with Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy then it would be a breeding ground for bitterness. Rejection can become a deadly poison.

💔Michal as a leader’s wife would have tried to mask her pain, kept herself aloof. She must have wrapped a cloak of Regal Dignity around her wounded spirit while David threw off his Royal Robe, unafraid to become like the rest of the people who needed to Rejoice in the Grace and Mercy of God who took him as a Shepherd Boy to become the Shepherd King, 2Samuel 6:14-16

💔In this lockdown behind the mask we are wearing as a covid 19 requirement enforced upon us, no on can see our pain of rejection. Michal had become so hardened in her attitude because her love for David had died that she began to taunt him. When joy leaves our hearts, sourness will rush in to fill the space. Michal was more interested that David should behave right as a King before his subjects than express the Joy of the Lord. Dignity had become more important to Michal than the Presence of God, 2 Samuel 6:16. Rejection can take away the joy of the Lord in our life, Nehemiah 8:10

💔My dear Child of God, Remember this, we can only overcome personal rejections through the acceptance of God’s Love. We are accepted by God through Christ Jesus. We have a Pappa Daddy, Abba Father who turns every rejection into direction. The World might reject us, but we are the Children of the King. When we are faced with rejection respond with rejoicing knowing that God has an awesome Plan and Purpose for your life, Jeremiah 29:11

💔We are the channels, and custodians of God’s love in this perplexing pandemic situation to help others to turn their rejection into direction for acceptance in Christ Jesus…. Amen🙏

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