Quality of life is not decided exclusively by the standard

Quality of life is not decided exclusively by the standard of courses and the status of the colleges, but by the blessings of God *When you know you are the disciple Jesus loves there is no competition* You are loved by Jesus.

He sent me from above, He took me, He drew me out of many waters.

He delivered me from my strong enemy, From those who hated me, For they were too strong for me.

They confronted me in the day of my calamity, But the Lord was my support.

He also brought me out into a broad place, He. delivered me because He delighted in me.

2 Samuel 22:17-20.
We serve a God who delights in us, He fulfills the desires of our hearts and He delivers us from all our problems and brings us out victorious. The above scripture portion is the testimony of David a man after God’s own heart, he started as a small shepherd boy and ended up as the king of Israel.

David’s walk with God was not a easy one, his life was like a rollercoaster ride from a shepherd boy he was anointed to be the king of Israel, he faced death several times at the hands of Goliath, Saul and his enemies, he lost everything including his wives, children’s, possessions and kingdom, but God delivered him from every problem that he faced and made him the king of Israel. What God promises, He fulfills.

Every believers walk with God is different and it is purely a personal choice, family, pastor, church, relatives and our careers have got nothing to do with our walk with God. It is purely a individual choice and decision to walk with God. Every believers story and walk with God will be different, they will never match with any other person, but the ending will be great, grand and glorious for every one who walks with God, that is why we should never compare ourselves with any other fellow believers, because what works for us will not work for others and what works for others will not work for us, everyone’s journey is different and no believers walk will ever match with any other fellow believer.

God will not use what He has not tried and tested. Every manufacturer will try and test his product before taking it to the market place. In our walk with God our faithfulness will be tested and we will be able to see the goodness, faithfulness, miracle working power, protection and provision of God in our lives.

David is telling in the above verse that God brought him to a broad place (from the fields and forests to the kingdom). Every person after seeing the manifestation of the promise in his life will surely boast about the goodness, faithfulness, miracle working power, protection and provision of God all through their lives. When God wants to bless any person, He takes them from a very very low level and takes them to great heights, so that His miracle working power will be displayed through that person to others and they will come to Him. When God thinks and plans, He doesn’t do it only for that person, He does it, so that all the others that are connected to him for generations will be blessed because of him ( when one person is saved and born again his generations are blessed because of him if they follow God ). God chose and blessed David, so that he could be a blessing to his descendants and to the nation of Israel. God never has a single person or a short term plan on His mind, He always has long term plans for the future generations that is why famous evangelists who have spread and preached the gospel are a blessing to millions of people for generations across the globe. You are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Beloved if God has given you a promise and you are walking with God rest be assured that God will fulfill it and bring it to pass. In your walk with God remain faithful and do not waver on the promises of God, you will see His goodness, faithfulness, miracle working power, protection and provision in your life and your promise will come to pass, What He did for David, He will do it for you.

David’s awesome testimony about our God.
The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way.

Though he fall he shall not be utterly cast down, For the Lord upholds him with his hands.

I have been young and old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his children begging bread.

He is ever merciful, and lends, And his descendants are blessed.

Psalms 37:23-26.
Heavenly Father thank you for the word, thank You for Your goodness, faithfulness, miracle working power, protection and provision in our lives, thank You that You delight in us and fulfill the desires of our hearts, thank You for blessing us to be a blessing to others, give us the grace to always remain faithful, grateful and thankful in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we ask and pray.
Amen and Amen.
God loves you

Alfred Joseph
Hyderabad Telangana India
[email protected]

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