The threshing floor of Araunah

📕 2Samuel Chapter 24

God was not pleased with David for taking the census ( v 1- 9 , 11-12 )
💫 David repented:
~ He has freely accepted the guilt ( v 10b )
~ He has asked for a penalty ( v 14 , 17 ) .
~ He begs the angel’s sword to take away the lives of his and his family but to spare the people and the city. ( v 17 )

✅ The preceding verse is the most striking one , because it will focus on the site of the Temple of God 💒:

🔖 God send Gad the prophet to David , and to order him to build an altar to the Lord on the THRESHING FLOOR of ARAUNAH..” ( v 18 )
🔖 David came and asked Araunah to give him the threshing floor so that he can build an altar to the Lord ( v 21 )
🔖 Araunah willingly gave his threshing floor to David ( v 22-23 )
🔖 Like Elisha , Araunah gave the oxen and the threshing sledges for the burnt offerings ( v 22 ; 1Kings 19: 19-21 )

He willingly gave his ancestral property and the means of his livelihood .

~ Land
~ Threshing sledges
~ Livestock 🐂
~ Harvested grain 🌾

📌 Later on the Temple site was recognised as none other than “Mount Moriah” where the Lord appeared to David ( 2Chron 3:1 )
📝 The angelic appearance and David’s offering a sacrifice ” at Mount Moriah reminds us with another angelic appearance to Abraham with his sacrifice ( Isaac) in the same place ( v 17 , 25 ; Gen 22:1-18) .

📌 All these events are the foreshadow of a future event when another Father would sacrifice his Son.

📌 David’s sacrifice was accepted by the Lord , and the plague on the people was stopped.

📌 Christ’ sacrifice was sufficient to take away all the dreadful plague ( sins) because HE PAID IT ALL.

💞 Beloved Church, we need ARAUNAHs to stand firm in GIVING MINISTRY .


Today, the issue for us goes beyond the call to give God something WE VALUE.

God wants the BEST of what we have – not the LEFT OVERS.

🛐 Lord , I will not give to you something that costs me nothing .

Glory to God 🙏
✍🏽 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳

David’s last words

2 Samuel 23 : 1 – 5

  1. Of the God of Jacob.
    1. Raised up on high ( blessed )
    2. Anointed.
    3. Became the sweet psalmist. Yes, do we confess that all the blessings l received are from the God of Jacob ?
  2. The Spirit of the Lord spoke by me. But we say that l spoke. Let us allow the Spirit of the Lord to speak through us.
  3. The Rock of lsrael spoke to me. Whether God is talking to us?
  4. He has made an everlasting covenant and ordered the salvation and desire secure. Yes, we can’t secure anything. Everything we secure is only because of God.

Yes , let us magnify God in every action or blessing of our life. Let Him speak to us and speak through us. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.