A spark becoming a wild fire.

In the beginning of the Bible reading programme, to read Bible in 30 days, there was only one WhatsApp group in English. Only around 25 people completed the task in March 2017. By the time we reached the 8th round, in 240 days programme, there were people from around 90 countries, in around 35 languages and many thousands of WhatsApp groups.

Now the 270 days Bible reading programme started on 15 July 2020. Happy to see how God is raising tens of thousands of volunteers. Thank God for all the members, WhatsApp group Admins, Group Coordinators and Mega Group Coordinators who are busy adding more people to the programme.

Bro. M Jebasingh Simeon joined as a member in 180 days programme. In 210 days programme, he served as an admin in a WhatsApp group. In 240 days programme, he agreed to serve as a Group Coordinator. Lord helped him to start lots of WhatsApp groups through his friends and nearly 4000 people joined to read and study Bible. In 270 days programme, he agreed to serve as a Mega Group Coordinator. He already got around 100 Group Coordinators and thousands of admins and 5000 WhatsApp groups. Around 12 lakh people might join to read and study God’s Word. This is a result of their sincere prayer and hard labour. Like him, all the other Mega Group Coordinators, Group Coordinators, Admins and members are sincerely working to add more people. This will result in the spiritual transformation of millions of people and revival in all their churches. Yes, a worldwide revival is going to happen through the study of God’s Word.

I request you all to join as a volunteer even now and serve the Lord in this programme according to your capacity. Those who are already in the programme can volunteer to take bigger responsibility.There are around 6500 languages in the world. Let us offer this programme in new languages and in unreached places. Join and see what the LORD can do through you.

Friends, have you seen a severely malnourished child in a dying stage? How about giving beautiful dresses, costly toys and expensive ornaments to the child? Will it help..? A severely malnourished child in a dying stage needs milk and food? That will nourish the child and the child will come back to normal health. If not, the child is going to die….

What is the spiritual condition of our people, our churches, our country and the world? Are you happy with it? If not, is there a solution to transform the people around us and the world around us? Are you willing to play your role in this big transformational ministry? Please join with us. We are not alone. GOD is with us. Let us submit ourselves in His Hands to be used by Him as His tools.

Easy things can be done by anyone. Difficult things can be done only by those who are willing to work hard. Let us set big targets which might look impossible. With more prayer and hard work, our targets can be achieved. Let us experience the power and faithfulness of our prayer answering Almighty God.