Our hope in God does not disappoint us

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Day 244, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 15.3.21.

In this lockdown let us not be disappointed because our hope in God does not disappoint us…Romans 5:5

💕In this lockdown, so many have become so disappointed because of the covid-19 collateral damages and there has been an incredible increase in the suicide rates even among the rich and powerful people, sadly even in the Christian community. But the Bible says, we should not be disappointed because of our hope in God, through Christ Jesus WHO has poured out His Love in our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit, Romans 5:5. We are to rejoice in the Lord always, Philippians 4:4, in good times and hard times to bring glory to God, in our suffering as we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God by faith, Romans 5:2-5

💕Child of God, Remember this, all through Paul’s epistles, you will see the connection between hope, faith and love, that will remain in any situation we are facing, 1 Corinthians 13:13. Underline every time we see these three words and meditate and study. We should have a solid working knowledge of how hope, faith and love works. We need to have a revelation of these three powerful ingredients in our spiritual life. We need to have our inner eyes opened, Ephesians 1:17, to see that our born again, made alive spirit man, that the Holy Spirit, has already poured out the Love of God into our hearts, and this should give us hope in putting our faith in God, in every trials and tribulation.

💕We rejoice in our tribulations, because we know something! We know that God has given us His eternal love that endures forever over our suffering, tribulations, trials, sorrow and any other challenges which Satan throws at us, because nothing separates us from the love of God, Romans 8:35.

💕What then is it that we know which helps us to be joyful in trouble rather than grumble and complain or even accuse God, James 1:2-4? We know that God gives hope before we go through our suffering and hardship because He has given us His Peace by justifying us by faith. He has given us the hope first before the trials and not as the result of the trials. That is why we need to be at Peace with God so that we can have Peace of God to endure any challenges joyfully for His glory by faith in His Love, Romans 5:1-2.

💕Let our lockdown season lock us up with God to unlock God’s love for others, and the world will know we are one His Love to bring Hope to a crying world, John 13:34….Amen🙏

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Saying and doing Rom 2:21-23

It is not enough just to know What is right. We must also do it If there is disparity between what comes from our lips and what is manifested in our lives, then our faith is without integrity. It is empty and ineffective. It is an dishonor to God.

Logically, the opposite is also true when our words and actions are both in alignment with God’s perfect will, when we practice what we preach, God is glorified and other believers are encouraged. We gain favor in His eyes. For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous Rom 2:13

Cynthia Sathiaraj