God wanted Paul to testify about the Lord in Jerusalem

Mob frency Acts :22

❇️ The crowd listened to Paul until he said this Then they raised their voices and shouted,” Rid the earth of him! He’s not fit to live!” (v22)

❇️ One of the ways of subverting justice is to create mob frenzy by manipulating the behaviour of a crowd either by enticement or arousing passion to defend their so called belief. This unlawful method has been in vogue from time in memorial.

❇️ This method was employed by the high priest and other teachers of law to put Jesus Christ through unjust trial to condemn him to death on the cross. Now the same people are manipulating a crowd to demand death for Paul on the basis of trivial charges against him.

❇️ This method is being employed by the people in power nowadays against people who are innocent, right and in minority for some of the reasons as given below.

▪️Exposing the falsehood of powerful people
▪️Standing for the truth
▪️Following a new Way
▪️Leading people from darkness to light
▪️Being obedient to the vision from heaven etc.

❇️The high priest and his people were more angry with Paul than other disciples because he was one of them before he switched his loyalty to Christ. Paul was becoming a powerful witness and a defender of the Way and hence they wanted to finish him off.

❇️ Paul stood courageous against the mob and their false charges because God wanted him to testify about the Lord in Jerusalem (23:11). Witnessing is not an activity but it is being a witness in our commitment, what we believe, our life style etc.

❇️ Being a witness for the Lord is possible only in our earthly life where we can let our light shine before men (Mat.5:16) and in our heavenly life there will not be any need for witnessing since all will be saints and mainly we will be praising and enjoying God’s fellowship there.

❇️ Are we ready to testify for the Lord in the face of threat to our life? From what happened to Graham Staines and to many other witnesses of God we can expect threats becoming common to our witnessing in this hostile world.

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️Letting our light shine before
men is witnessing

▪️Being obedient for the vision
from heaven calls for

Vellore 🙏🏽