One of the greatest chapters in the Old Testament

1 kings: 22:51 “Also Jehoshaphat made peace with the king of Israel.”

I Kings 22 is one of the greatest chapters in the Old Testament.

Here we come across a King named Jehoshaphat.

He is typically regarded as one of the 8 good KingsTo sit upon the throne of Judah.
And for the most part that is true.

As we see, he was a man of high character, and he was a man with good intentions.
However, *JEHOSHAPHAT WAS EASILY INFLUENCED by the wicked king of Israel (Ahab).
He was asked to join in battle against Syria to assist him in recapturing Ramoth-gilead.

God is never pleased with that alliance.
Every sin starts with one seemingly small, harmless compromise.
The very first sin that separated us all from God, started with a tiny compromise.
Compromise with the world brings disastrous consequences to God’s people.

When we take one step in the wrong direction—a direction that we know is unwise and can lead to ungodly actions and ultimately destruction.

Compromise isn’t usually a huge act of disobedience; more often, it starts as a minor slip in our thinking or behaviour toward God.

The slope becomes slippery, and each subsequent act of disobedience is easier to rationalize.

Every little accommodation weakens our conscience and makes it more difficult to reverse.
Lowering our standards weakens our character.
Compromise will also corrupt our thinking
It hurts our personal testimony, and hinders our prayer life..

We may think that we’re making accommodations in just one area, but it affects every aspect of our life.

So ……………..
Avoid compromise—make God’s Word our standard of conduct.
Never compromise our doctrine.
Make God’s Word our standard for every area of our life.


Naboth’s vineyard

1Kings 21
Naboth who was neighbour to King Ahab, had a vineyard that Ahab wanted to buy. But Naboth refused to sell it as it would disregard the law and thus displease God. The land was his ancestral property. The land was not to be bought or sold as a commercial asset, but kept within the family. Lev:25 vs23.

Ahab’s wife Jezebel however got Naboth falsely accused, had him murdered and made the king take possession of the vineyard.

Ahab and Jezabel possessed tremendous power yet prophet Elijah confronts them and predicts punishment from God. Ahab is frightened by Elijah’s words. He knows Elijah represents a greater power. Ahab tore his clothes and fasted, vs.27. Since Ahab repented and humbled himself, he did not see the disaster forecast on him. God postponed it.

Our merciful God values humility so greatly that even when Ahab ( who was so wicked) humbled himself, God took notice of it and suspended judgement.

Cynthia Sathiaraj.