Lydia: Woman Entrepreneur Acts 16:16-40

Each year we celebrate March 8th as International Woman’s Day, the bold women of God pop up and one such exemplary Woman of her Era was Lydia of Thyatira.

🧕Lydia owned her Textile Industry, a successful entrepreneur.vs14.
🧕She worshipped God.vs14.
🧕She attended the meeting meant for women.vs13.
🧕She paid heed to the message by PAUL.vs14
🧕She had a personal encounter with God that day.
🧕She and her family took the most important decision answering God’s call to Baptism.
🧕She opened her home for God’s people.vs15.
🧕She became a faithful Entrepreneur in God’s Business.vs15.
🧕She encouraged God’s people and accepted them with open arms inspite of the risk involved.vs40.
🧕She became a Woman of Prayer and Woman of Faith
🧕She invested her Resources at hand, for the glory of God.
How much are we involved in God’s Business❓
How much time do we invest in God’s Business❓

There are such Women in this group who are real Woman of Prayer and Faith.
I know Sister Annie Koshy, is involved 24/7 in God’s Business praying with those in need and intercedes for many.

During the Lockdown Sister Shalini and her team prayed and catered to the needs of Migrant labourers and looked after their daily requirements.

There was a team set up by Dr.Latha Christie to Counsel frustrated people during the Lockdown and still continues to do so
Priscilla Centre, set up by a friend ,an NGO, also caters to the needs of destitute Women making them self employed as well as upgrading them Spiritually.

May God Bless them for the wonderful work they are doing.

When God has given us Resources let us use it for the glory of God and invest in His Kingdom.