Books of Daniel, Questions and Answers

Q. So Darius began his reign how?
A. Daniel 6:1 = Darius divided Babylon into 120 provinces, with a prince to rule each province.

Q. Did Daniel work under Darius too?
A. Daniel 6:2 = Yes. Daniel and two others supervised the princes and the looked out for King Darius’ interests.

Q. Did Daniel out do his coworkers?
A. Daniel 6:3 = Yes. He out did everyone!

Q. What did that lead to?
A. Daniel 6:3 = Darius planned to make Daniel leader of the entire empire.

Q. Did that plan bring new problems?
A. Daniel 6:4 = Yes. Jealousy arose from within the ranks.

Q. How did this jealousy manifest?
A. Daniel 6:4 = People went on a fault-finding quest — but they failed in finding anything wrong about Daniel.

Q. Why?
A. Daniel 6:4 = “He [Daniel] was faithful and honest and always responsible.”

Q. How did the jealous ones finally succeed in getting Daniel in trouble?
A. Daniel 6:5 = They snaked through Daniel’s religious beliefs to find fault.
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Q. How did Daniel end up in the lion’s den?
A. Daniel 6:8,9 = The jealous princes and other palace officials tricked King Darius into signing a law making it illegal for anyone to worship God for 3 times a day. Then they tattled to the king about Daniel’s ignoring the new law.

Q. Was Darius upset about this trickery?
A. Daniel 6:14 – Yes.

Q. Couldn’t the king just veto it?
A. Daniel 6:8 = No. It was against the law to veto a law!

Q. How did Darius deal with this terrible situation?
A. Daniel 6:16 = Darius blessed Daniel, asking God to rescue him.
👉What a plan! Like it and hope to remember to bless and ask God to intervene in everything!

Q. What else did Darius do? A. Daniel 6:18 = Darius was up all night praying and fasting for Daniel.

Q. Waht became of the sneaky officials and princes?
A. Daniel 6:24 = They were arrested and thrown in the lion’s den, along with their entire families.

Q. Did Darius put worshiping God into law?
A. Daniel 6:26 = Yes.

Q. Who reigned in Babylon besides Darius the Mede?
A. Daniel 6:28 = Cyrus, the Persian.

Q. Did Daniel dream other prophecies?
A. Daniel 7:1 = Yes. While he slept, Daniel dreamt of future events.

Q. In what order?
A. 1) Daniel 7:1-3 = Daniel dreamt a sleeping dream of Four Beasts during the first year of Belshazzar’s reign.
2) Daniel 8 = Daniel dreamt a waking dream by a river of a ram and a goat during the third year of Belshazzar’s reign.

Q. How do we know wht period of time these dreams refer to?
A. Daniel 8:17 = Gabriel told him the dreams referred to the time of the end.

Q. Is there a name for this time?
A. Daniel 8:19 = Yes. It is called The Time of Wrath.

Q. Did Daniel understand Gabriel’s explanation of the ram and the goat?
A. Daniel 8:27 = No.

💫According to Chapter 6, why did the satraps and administrators try to find grounds for charges against Daniel?
Answer: Because the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom
Daniel 6 : 3-5.

Daniel was so good at his job that the officials could not find any basis for accusing him, unless it had ‘something to do with the law of his God’.

Satrap was the name given to provincial governors in the Persian Empire at the time of Daniel.

💫In chapter six the Persian leader Darius is in charge. Daniel broke a new law that caused him to be thrown in the den of lions. What law did he break?
Answer: Asking a petition of any God or man except the king

When the king heard what Daniel was charged with, he was displeased with himself, for making the law.

💫According to Daniel chapter six, Darius made a decree that all Babylon should bow down only to him. How long was Darius’ decree to last?
Answer: One month

In Daniel 6:7, after Belshazzar was killed by the Medes and Persians, Darius took over the ruling of Babylon. Darius took a liking to Daniel and Daniel did his best to obey the king. When some of Darius’ men saw how their king doted on Daniel, they looked for ways to make Daniel suffer. When they couldn’t find anything wrong with his loyalty to the king, they went after his God. Darius’ men had King Darius make a decree that no one could bow down to or pray to anyone else but King Darius. Darius signed the decree. That same day, Darius’ men saw Daniel enter his room and pray to his God in front of a window. The men told Darius what they saw and Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den as punishment.

The lions’ den carried the inscription ‘The place of execution where men who angered the king die, torn by wild beasts’. The next morning, Darius went to the lion’s den to check on Daniel. Daniel spoke to him and told him that he was safe. Darius had Daniel taken out of the lions’ den and the men that accused Daniel were thrown in along with their families.

💫According to chapter 6 what happened to Daniel when he was in the lion’s den?
Answer: He was not hurt

Daniel 6:22 “My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt.”

This shouldn’t have surprised the Babylonians too much since Daniel’s God was the same God that earlier had saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fiery furnace.

💫Chapter 7 of Daniel makes reference to Daniel’s vision of a “little horn” that displaces three other horns. In this particular vision, Daniel observed four beasts and the last one had a number of horns on its head, prior to the little horn uprooting the other three. How many horns did that beast have at the onset of the vision?
Answer: 10

💫According to Daniel 7:7-8, this beast had ten horns to begin with, but a little horn displaced three of those. Some people believe that this little horn represents “Antichrist”, or a man who opposes Jesus. While various interpretations have been offered, one thing to consider is this:

In cross referencing Daniel with I John 2:18 which states in the King James Version “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many Antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time”, one might be inclined to see this as the image spoken of in Daniel 7.

I John 2 continues on to explain what the Antichrist will do. This description is very similar to Daniel Chapter 7’s explanation of Little Horn. According to this interpretation of the Bible, many people will believe the Antichrist is Jesus Christ and will worship him. The ones who do not do so will be killed.

💫 In chapter seven, Daniel has a vision of four beasts. Which is not one of those beasts?
Answer: A bull with eyes as lamps of fire

The fourth beast was described as dreadful and terrible with iron teeth and ten horns. There are many interesting ideas about its significance in prophecy.

💫The book of Daniel begins in the Hebrew language. However, in the fourth verse of chapter two, the text changes to a different language — and continues in that language until Daniel 7:28. What language is it?
Answer: Aramaic

The book of Daniel is written in Hebrew, with the exception of 2:4 to 7:28, which is written in Aramaic.

💫In the 7th chapter of Daniel, he saw a vision of four great and terrible beasts. What did these represent, according to the 17th verse?
Answer: four kings

Some have interpreted these kings to be representative of kingdoms, or perhaps even kingdom eras.

Imagine a vision with a lion that sported eagle’s wings; a bear chewing on three ribs; a leopard with four bird’s wings on its back, and a beast that defied description, other than to say that it iron teeth and ten horns!

Daniel would not have been able to have interpret this vision on his own, and had to rely on one who was standing nearby to assist him. In the 13th verse, we see that Daniel describes one “like the son of man”, often seen to be representative of Jesus, according to Christian belief.

In the 15th verse, we see that the visions bothered Daniel a great deal, and he went to one of the nearby beings, (possibly the same figure of the son of man) and Daniel asked him to explain this vision to him. For the remainder of the chapter, we are made privy to the interpretation.

💫What does Daniel say the goat was in Daniel 8:21?
Answer: The King of Grecia

Daniel 8:21 “And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king.”

Grecia refers to Greece, not the place of the same name that is in Costa Rica.

💫In Daniel Chapter 8, he had a vision of a goat and a ram. Who did Daniel say was represented as the goat?
Answer: The king of Grecia

In chapter 8:1-8 , God revealed the transition from the 2nd to the 3rd empire which was illustrated in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the statue made of four metals. The kingdoms are so perfectly described, many skeptics have said the book of Daniel was written many centuries later and was an historical account. The two horns of the ram was the Medo-Persian empire and the goat with the great horn the Greek with Alexander the Great the king. When Alexander died prematurely, his four generals split the kingdom into four separate entities just as the Bible says when the “great horn” is broken, four others would grow in its place.

💫According to Daniel chapter eight, what vision did Daniel have that made him physically ill for a few days?
Answer: Ram and goat

In Daniel 8:27, the vision of the ram and the goat was a representation of the fight between the Medes-Persians and Greece. The goat was Greece and the ram was the Medes-Persians. Daniel saw the fight between the one-horned goat and the two-horned ram. In his vision, he saw the two-horned ram destroy the one-horned goat, meaning that the Medes-Persians would defeat Greece.

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