God’s Word Speaking

When I was young, other than early morning and evening family prayer, children were expected to read Bible in the morning and evening personally. My mother would check it regularly. So I was reading Bible mainly to give an answer to her. Slowly it became part of my routine.

At the age of 13, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Then Bible reading became more meaningful. While doing B.Sc (1976-’79), my association with EU helped me to grow in Him and started sharing the Gospel to others. Started a prayer group for my hostel friends.

Responded to God’s call in 1980. Did my theological studies from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. It is a joy to serve my Lord in any and every situation. Now for around 29 years, we are living in Nepal.

I used to enjoy reading and studying New Testament. My teaching and preaching also was mainly from the New Testament. Reading some of the Old Testament books were not interesting and so I used to avoid reading those books. As a result, I was not very familiar with some of the Old Testament books.

I used to read some New Testament books again and again. When I was busy, I used to read a familiar chapter, could be from Psalms. This was done mainly to clear my conscience. Many days, Bible reading was done as a routine but no serious study of God’s word.

In March 2017, few of us took up reading Bible in 30 days as a challenge. I was spending 6 -8 hours a day to finish the reading by avoiding all non essential programmes. Slowly started sharing some insights in the group. Around 25 of us completed the task.

I was so benefitted from this reading, decided to continue this type of reading and study. Read that George Muller read Bible 200 times during his life time also came as a challenge. I was already following his faith ministry and decided to follow in this area also.

So read Bible again in 60, 90, 120, 150,180, 210 and in 240 days. Each time more and more people joined and now around 4,00,000 people in more than 10,000 WhatsApp groups, from nearly 80 countries of the world and in nearly 30 languages are in this 270 days BIBLE reading programme. Nowadays I try to read the portion as many times as possible. Trying to read the next day’s portion atleast 2 times the night before itself. Writing down all the important points and reflections. Learning to make the best use of internet in Bible study.

The more I read, the Bible is becoming more familiar to me. God is speaking through His word and I am able to understand it better. My study is becoming more serious. Some of the Old Testament characters who were strangers are becoming my friends. I remember those portions better when I share some insights in the group.

God’s Word is guiding, leading, strengthening me in my journey, correcting my mistakes, comforting me in the midst of problems and uncertainties, challenging me to trust the Lord in any situation and to take up difficult tasks for the Lord.

Earlier I used to search for a message to preach but now messages are waiting for a chance to be preached.

Through this programme, I am getting chance to know lots of people whom I never met. Praying for them and helping them in their spiritual journey is satisfying. It is an encouragement to know that lots of people are praying for me.

It is thrilling to see how the life of thousands are getting transformed through God’s Word. Their individual life, family life, ministry involvements … everything is getting transformed. It is reviving their churches. Some people who were trying to commit suicide are now active for the LORD.

Now my only regret is that I couldn’t start this kind of Bible study earlier in my life. Nobody challenged me to do it in my younger days. Now I am encouraging as many people as possible to study God’s Word more seriously and systematically.

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to study His Word deeper, to know Him better and to follow Him closer.