God has not left us to figure things out on our own

God is teaching us to ride the wind in this Lockdown, through a song, written for the future generations of Israelites, sung by Moses…Deuteronomy 32:10-12.

🎶What songs are we listening to in this Lockdown? Who’s songs are we singing? What songs are we writing for the future generations about our lockdown experiences?

🎶In Deuteronomy 31:19,22,30, Moses was asked to write a song for the the Joshua generation to sing and for all the generations to come. Songs of Praise are easier to remember and they can be sung anywhere and anytime. Moses wrote an all time classical hit for the generations to come which had the heavenly lyrics and musical note and what a beautiful song it was, if it was sung in faith, as a thanksgiving anthem! The disc of the song was to burn in their hearts forever and resound in their ears forever.

🎶The purpose of the song was to put to remembrance the goodness of God’s deliverance from Egypt, His protection and provision in the wilderness, His Promises for the future if they obeyed Him. The song of Moses should also bring them to repentance and restoration if they disobeyed. This all purpose song of Moses is loaded with spiritual truth for all of us, especially in this Lockdown situation. Though there are some relaxation to the Lockdown, there are still so much of restrictions especially for those below 10 years old and above 65 years old in some places have been asked to go into reverse quarantine.

🎶We the Redeemed of the Lord, has to sing songs that are pleasing to the Father. Sadly, some are singing songs that sounds like heaven but are written to distract them through distortion of God’s Word. How important it is to be grounded in the scriptures and discern the songs we are singing.

🎶From the Song of Moses, I love to meditate upon Deuteronomy 32:10-12, which is so apt in this lockdown, especially verse 11, “As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings” The mother eagle has to teach the eaglets to fly when the time comes for the eaglets to leave the nest.

🎶The eaglets are so comfortable with the silky lining of the nest made from the fine feathers of the mother eagle. They are reluctant to leave their comfort zone. So the mother eagle has to stir the nest by poking from underneath the nest and ripping it apart. When it becomes painful and unbearable the eaglet starts to leave the nest and tries to fly on its on. Just when the eaglet thinks it is going to fall to it’s death, the mother eagle comes below the eaglet with its wing spread out to give the eaglet a pillion ride.

🎶What a beautiful picture of God stirring our nest in this lockdown situation, teaching us to ride the wind with Him, because He is taking us to a higher purpose. The more difficult the ride in the storm is, the bigger is our calling, purpose and future. There are apparantly, 7 stages that a young eaglet goes through when learning to fly. God is training us through various stages to live the life of faith.

🎶Dear Child of God, Remember this, the mother eagle demonstrates to the eaglet how to fly. She hovers over her child, watches over it because her eaglet child has not enough feathers or wing muscle to fly yet. While the eaglet has to imitate the mother, the mother knows the limitations of her child.

🎶Likewise, God has sent His Son to us, for us to imitate His Son, who showed us the Father, by coming and living as a Man. God knows our limitations to imitate His Son, so He has empowered us by giving us His Holy Spirit, His Word, His Grace, His Power and His Wisdom.

🎶We have been given the training Manuel of our Emmanuel, and He has already equipped us for all seasons of life, including lockdowns, and we have the unction to function, Ephesians 2:10, 1John 2:10.

🎶God has not left us to figure things out on our own. He has cared enough about us to give us a perfect, living demonstration, His Son Jesus Christ, on how to live by faith in the most uncomfortable situations in this lockdown. Let our songs written in the lockdown, help the next generation to develop the faith muscle to ride the wind in any lockdown situations….Amen🙏.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌..Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️