It’s good to remember God’s attributes

The entire episodes of Israel’s Wandering in the wilderness was based on a single key word – “REMEMBER” when they were about to enter Canaan. Knowing the weaknesses of the people, Moses reminds the importance of remembering all about God and His attributes.
Yes, Moses was, and had continued to stand in the gap in between the people and God even after the death of Aaron.

📝 Moses reminded the whole assembly that he had spent 40 days & 40 nights with God, and received the 10 Commandments (9:9-11). Today we have the complete Scriptures which is God–breathed, living, active and sharper than any double edged sword.. but many of us do not received the authoritative word of God as Moses did.. WHY? We are not spending our time with God, and to study His word. (Joshua 1:8).

📝 Moses, as an instrument, reminded the whole assembly to remember :

1) God’s Promises : His love and great blessings to those who obey his laws (7:12-14).

2) God’s Preparation : The 40 years of wandering had been a time that God used to discipline and humble his people (8:1-2).

3) God’s Provisions : Bread and Water – the basic items needed for survival was provided during the 40 years of wandering. He had granted them a good health and other provisions that lasted longer without wear and tear (8:3-4)

4) God’s Protection: His blessing in the battle they would fight in order to occupy the promised land. For He will fight for them. (7:16,21-24)

5) God’s Priority : (6:5-9,24-25)
~ To love the Lord
~ Bringing up the children under God’s domain.
~ To obey his commands

📌 Finally, Moses explained to the assembly that they are not better than those they will be destroying (7:7 ; 9:4-6). They have done nothing to deserve their status as Lord’s treasured possession (7:6). It is He who has chosen them.

💕 Beloved Church, let us REMEMBER that we are His Treasured Possession bought by His Precious Blood.
Be the instrument to help our brethrens to REMEMBER/ Ponder ” Who they are and to whom they belong ❓

✍🏾 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳

Don’t forget God when God blesses us with wealth Deuteronomy 8:10-20

Camped at the edge of the promised land, the Israelites were on the brink of entering a “land flowing with milk and honey..”With a long series of battles ahead of them, they would only succeed with God’ s help.Yet Moses was worried that God’s people would settle down, then quickly forget the Lord’s commands and take credit for their success As God brought them into a great place,they neede to make a fresh decision to obey Him completely.Deu 8:10

Moses also warns that the rich are in great danger of relying on their wealth.rather than relying on their God.Wealth tempts them to forget God and to think that they have achieved prosperity by their own abilities and efforts.

In the days when Noah was building the ark. He was so busy that he had no time to get drunk. But as he came out triumphantly from the ark as the head of only family on earth to survive, he got drunk.

When David was running from cave to cave, escaping from Saul, he was close to God. But when he had plenty of ease and money, power and could send others to do the fighting for him, he sinned with Bethsheba.

Solomon sinned because he. had plenty of ease, comfort and wealth.

Jesus said that it was difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. He didnot say it was impossible. Be content with even a little. Thank God for getting you where you are, and tell Him you want to follow Him more than ever.

Cynthia Sathiaraj