Ecclesiastes 3 and 4

Ecclesiastes 3

God always works within a timeframe. So, we need to make sure that we also work according to His timeframe and plan for our lives, 3:1-8. This is possible only as we are led by the Holy Spirit and we can be led by the Holy Spirit only to the extent that we put to death the deeds of our body with the Holy Spirit’s help, Galatians 5:16.

If not, then we will end up living according to our own understanding and be ignorant of God’s direction for our lives, Eccl 3:11. This can lead to serious problems, if at the end of our lives we realise that we had done what we wanted to, without knowing and walking in God’s plans for our lives in accordance with His timeline!

King Saul failed to follow God’s main plan, and lost his anointing as a result, 1 Samuel 13,15! There is also going to be a time when God will judge the wicked and righteous too, vs 17.

However, if we judge ourselves now itself, then we will not have to be judged by God in that day for the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin that we confess and forsake, 1 John 1:9. In verses 18-22, the Preacher is confused about the final destiny of man and animals after their death, because it seems like he had no light about the salvation that would be brought to us through Jesus Christ our Lord!

So also, without any idea of God’s plan for our lives, which is for us to be conformed to the image of Jesus, and made possible only through the Cross of Christ, our lives too will lose the joy of living just like we see it being explained in this book!

Ecclesiastes 4

In this chapter he deals with those who are being oppressed with none to deliver them, vs 1, and those who work, but who do so in constant competition with others, as well as, those who are fools and refuse to work, and those who work so hard but have no one to leave their inheritance too, vs 4,5,7,8.

He senses the futility in all this and thinks it better to have one handful with some rest than two hands full of toil and chasing the wind, vs 6,7! If we work in unity, we can gain more benefits, for when one falls the other can pick him up, and at other times they can keep each other warm (hot for the things of God) by means of rebuke or encouragement and when attacked (by the devil) they can help each other to overcome their assailant by means of fervent, effective and righteous prayer, vs 9-12. Besides, a three-stranded cord is not easily broken, so when we invite the Lord and His Word to be our forever Saviour friend and guide too, vs 12, then as 2 or 3 of us gather together (are united together) in His Name, He has promised to to be present in our midst and great power can be released, as a result, which cannot be easily broken, Mathew 18:20!

A king who is old must be considered foolish, if he no longer knows to receive instruction. However, a poor but wise lad who does know how to receive instruction would be most likely take his place, vs, 13,14!

So, let us learn to stand up for the oppressed and not be foolish or competitive or lazy, but diligent, in our work ethics, and seek to maintain unity, backed by purity in all our relationships, as well as, always be humble enough to receive instructions, no matter how high we may rise as a result, and we will surely be among those who count for God in our generation. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.