Risk taking is worth taking

❇️ And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish (4:16) – Queen Esther

❇️ Risk taking means exposing oneself to danger knowingly for a cause.

❇️ Lord Jesus Christ is the biggest risk taker. God of life willing to become human and taste death for our sake.

❇️ Following three statements sum up the attitude of people who don’t want to take risk in life.

▪️Most of us tend to follow the path of the least resistance.
▪️We don’t want to be stretched .
▪️We all want to play it safe.

❇️ Risk taking is a proactive attitude. This involves forming a team of like minded people who are fearless to achieve the impossible.There is a saying that I would rather put thousand people to do a job than one person doing thousand people job.

❇️ Though the duo of Esther and Mordecai took risk to save the Jewish people it was actually God who brought about their risk taking attitude as he used them as co workers in bringing the holy race in exile back to the holy land(Jer.23:3)

❇️ Realizing the enormity of the task at her hand she humbled herself before God by fasting and praying and asking others to back her up similarly which brought victory.

❇️ Risk taking shows our confidence in God’s plan and his support.When we take risk in order to fulfill God’s purpose we are sure to win hands down like Esther and Mordecai

❇️ Sometime we take risk only if the reward is big. Persons like Moses, David, Elijah,Jesus Christ, Paul took very big risks not because of the reward but to fulfill God’s purpose, made this world a better place for others.

❇️ Let us become risk takers not to satisfy our carnal desires but to fulfill God’s purpose in our life which will help us to glorify God, bless others and enjoy peace in our life.

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️We tend to follow the path of the least resistance
▪️Risk taking is a sign of our confidence in God’s plan and support

Vellore 🙏🏽